hypnobirth class 3

July 20, 2011

hypnobirth class 3
I am now learning how to put myself in hypnosis faster.
I had a good conversation with Dr. AnnaLynn about how my words will effect my thoughts and actions. I am really working hard in re-wiring some of my labor thoughts and right now, all I can think of is this little one will slip right out of me as I slowly breathe he/she down.
I have been reading my HypnoBirthing book and it has been immensely helpful in helping me realize that pain is also a state of mine and that being pregnant (though we can be whiny, cranky women) isn’t a bad condition, rather a good one to be in. I have got about 9 weeks left and will keep enjoying every last bit.
Last class it was easy to go in hypnosis fast when Dr. AnnaLynn is leading us via skype. In fact, last class, Ben fell asleep once again. When it was time to open our eyes, Ben didn’t budge. I think he is quite enjoying our hypnosis sessions because it is obvious he gets really relaxed!
I am getting better at visualizing my “place”. It is a dreamy place and I will work on adding to it. Actually, it is kinda fun pretending in your head! When I tell my sister everything I see in hypnosis, she gets excited and says she wants to try it.
I have been practicing at home, but not as much as I would like, but when Ben is trying to do it, for some reason, I end up laughing. We follow a script and he is reading it and just as my eyes get heavy and he lifts my arm, I start laughing! I can’t stop. It is kinda funny, but frustrating. We will keep trying and practicing and maybe we need to use a different script because that part has me in hysterics every time we have tried, unbeknownst to me why.
I am pretty excited about labor. Ben and I are working hard at preparing ourselves mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically for this. We can’t wait to actually get there. It kinda feels like I am training for a marathon.
Class 4 is tonight and I can’t wait to see what we learn this time…

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  • Carly says:

    I have had both my babies sans medication… and I totally agree that pain is a state of mind. And that it takes emotional, spiritual, mental, and physical preparation to be ready for labor.

    I honestly love love love the process of preparation while I'm pregnant.

    Sending good thoughts your way!

  • CarleeKajsa says:

    i just heard this amazing story on NPR (about running actually), but the same relates to labor – turning off the mind…your body was meant to go through this…this is normal…our culture has told us for too long that pain is bad. i love the advice that the amazing ina may gaskin says, “let your monkey do it” (surrender to the primitive)

  • Betty says:

    I wish I had known about hypnobirth when i was pregnant… I had both my kids without meds but i wish it had been more of a relaxing experience instead of me gripping the bed rail for dear life :/

  • Deb says:

    I think we completely underestimate the power of the mind and visualisation! Trusting all goes really smoothly for your birth!

  • kristin says:

    I SO agree with Carlee (above)! The more you can relax and let go of any fear, the less pain you'll experience. It's really true. You sound like you're definitely getting into the right frame of mind for a wonderful natural birth (excited, not scared)! You'll do great!

  • Amanda says:

    I am due in five weeks w/ my second girl and just picked up the HypnoBirthing book yesterday. I had my first w/o medication and am hoping for the same thing with this one…except, like Betty said, without as much pain!

    Thanks for sharing your class experiences with us!

  • Jaime says:

    Two things I kept in mind with my unmedicated births: first, it only hurts for a minute (yes, it hurts again a few minutes later, but only for a minute), and I can do anything for a minute.
    Second, when you get to the point where you are working to keep your whole body relaxed but you want to squeeze your husbands hand SO HARD, keep your hand relaxed and have him squeeze your hand instead. Seriously, awesomely helpful.

  • can you hypnotize me? i wanna try for fun

  • DeLynn says:

    I actually did hypno birthing 10 years ago. The classes were great and it helped the whole pregnancy. I hope you have sucess with it!

  • Taylor Yves says:

    this sounds so awesome ruby. i'm glad you, as a christ-follower, are comfortable with this, because i'd be hesitant to try. but it sounds completely kosher to me. and i'm so happy that you're “getting excited” about labor! that's wild. i hope baby does just slip right out 🙂

  • I've been reading so much about hypno-birth, lately. I think it's a wonderful way to prepare for delivery. Unfortunately, I always had to have c-sections (four of them) but I think I would've given this a try. I also read a blog story about hypno-fertility recently. Great alternative to fertility drugs if it works for you. : )

    ~ Wendy

  • Deb says:

    Oh my goodness! I forgot about my place. I loved that place. I may have to put myself under and go back there! Thanks for reminding me.

  • Peachy Cheek says:

    Hi Ruby! That's great news that you can faster now. How amazing our mind works! And it amazing the power your unlocking! I hope you guys are able to find the script! But I am sure it will all work out as you both get closer to the big day!

    Take care and be well!


  • Sarah G says:

    It's amazing what you can accomplish when you have control over your mind. I never took hypnobirth classes, instead I took Bradley classes. When it came to my labor I found that Bradley went out the window and I didn't want to be touched at all. Instead I just turned inward and pretty much meditated through my labor. I lasted 3 days in the hospital in full blown labor with no drugs until I finally had an emergent C-section. Everyone thought I was “sleeping” – nope I was just trying to relax as much as possible. Good luck!

  • Vance says:

    Thanks for sharing this with us. My wife is going to be delivering in some days now. So was just trying to get so information. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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