August 23, 2011

Deciding to homeschool was not an easy one. Ben was more on board with it than I was. I think what intimidated me most about homeschooling is kindergarten. I never wanted to be a kindergarten teacher and that curriculum just does not interest me (I yawned a lot today), so that fact I have to get through those primary years to get to the stuff that I love teaching really freaked me out.

I have nothing against public schools, in fact I taught at one and most of my friends do and they are really fantastic teachers who are able to take learning out of a book and give it some real life application and teach students how to think critically. When I left the classroom, the way things were being taught was really shifting and we were focused on helping students become critical thinkers. Of course right now, the thing that is hurting in public schools in California the most is the budget crisis.

We decided to homeschool because we want to be in control of what and how our children learn. We want to be able to give them the Christian worldview and to teach them who they are in Christ. Yes, we know we can’t shelter them forever and they will eventually get out into the world and be exposed to all those things we are trying to keep them from. But hopefully at that time, they will have a clear view of who they are in Christ that the decisions they make

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