afternoon at the flea

August 26, 2011

We went to the flea market to pick up a little side table we had purchased from a vendor back in June, but had no room in our car to take at that time. We walked around a bit, but didn’t really find anything, or maybe we really just weren’t looking cause we have spend-phobia right now. There were two things I really did like, but they were already sold, so it is just as well. This was definitely our last time at the flea market as a family of five and next time we go we will be a family of six and introducing our newest little one to our love for hunting old pretty things. I so can’t wait!

The funniest thing of the day is that the two older girls insisted being in the stroller, while little Soulie insisted on walking around herself. She is a trooper that one!

an afternoon at the fleaan afternoon at the flea

an afternoon at the fleaan afternoon at the fleaan afternoon at the fleaan afternoon at the fleaan afternoon at the fleaan afternoon at the fleaan afternoon at the flea

on me: shirt, target. undershirt, local boutique. shorts, old navy. shoes, jessica simpson.

on true: shirt, vintage (gifted from Rachel). skirt, misha lulu. shoes, salt-waters c/o tea.

on brave: hacienda stripe dress, c/o tea. shoes, salt-waters.

on soul: shirt, vintage via tiny fox vintage. skinny french terry cargo, c/o tea. shoes, salt waters via tiny fox vintage.

This belly is getting increasingly hard to dress with each week. My shirts are suddenly getting shorter and shorter and pants and skirts are getting tighter and tighter. Most days at home, I am literally in pajama shorts and a tank all day cause it is just easier that way. I seriously dread getting dressed cause I never know what to wear (and I change my clothes about 10 times before I settle on something to leave the house). Then, I have been obsessively looking for shirt dresses on etsy cause soon enough, that is all I will need to wear again, though this fall/winter I am thinking of adding more jeans and pants into my wardrobe. I will give being a jeans girl a try, not sure if it will really work though!

Today has been such a good day so far as I had yummy lunch and dessert with Danni and Linda and now I am at my mom’s waiting to pass the girls off to her for the evening. Ben and I want to spend one quiet relaxing Friday night alone and have a semi-peaceful Saturday before our life gets a little bit crazier soon. The girls don’t object to being at their Grammie and Grumpy’s because it includes waffles for breakfast and BLT sandwiches for dinner and usually, they sucker their grandparents to take them shopping. Ain’t being a grandkid, grand?!!

Enjoy your weekend friends and I will be back later with a little friday recap!

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