huzzah, friday (on a saturday)!

August 27, 2011

I turn around for a minute and the silliest things always happen… Soul puts the ipod in her shirt because that is how she sees me walking around the house, then Brave puts minty foot lotion all over Soul’s arms, or Brave and True douse Soul in baby powder all over her body. It doesn’t always seem silly at the time, but I guess it isn’t so bad that I have time to take a picture!
silly soulie

Friday night was lovely because the girls are at the grandparents and Ben and I had the house to ourselves. Love it! Today we will be relaxing, getting a few things done, going on a date, and maybe adding in some lovin’!

This week’s learned and links…

– Soul can say, “Scuse, peas”, means “Be excused please?” and “Wa wat”, means “Wanna watch” because she wants to watch some book read alouds on the computer.

– The girls love homeschool and are really excited about learning.

– True and Brave are so forgiving to put up with my frustrations when I am not being the best mama.

– Soul is feisty and tries to fight her older sisters.

– We are quite close a to name, at least we got one on the table.

– I need to work on being more encouraging to Ben like in Ephesians 5:22-33.

– Check out my newest living room ideabook on houzz. Would love all those things, definitely out of my budget though!

– I really can’t wait for fall to come!

Enjoy some rest this weekend!

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