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August 13, 2011

Welcome fellow blogger Morgan who pens the blog Mama loves Papa.
She has got 3 boys and a little baby girl. It could be the opposite version of me, if I were to have a little boy, but we will find out soon enough won’t we?! She features the stylings of little ones in “Small Style“, she does “30 Items for 30 Days“, and just shares her various family adventures. Go on and check out Mama loves Papa and you may have another blog to add to your probably already long list!
mama loves papa blog

Also, welcome to the blogging world Rae from An Eclectic Heap.
Rae’s (I want her red embroidered dress) delightful blog focuses on vintage, diy, vegan cooking, and daily life. Sounds like all the good things a good blog is made of! She frequently features outfits, tutorials, and delicious recipes. Also, she will be opening a shop with the darling name, Scarlet Cake Artistry. I can’t wait to see what goes inside!
an eclectic heap blog

Make sure to check out both Mama loves Papa and An Eclectic Heap!!!

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  • I want that dress ! I found one for my daughter vintage ! Have a look she is wearing it in one of my posts i think the dark part one !I will take good care of it and maybe I could pass it down Is it give away worthy ? you guys let me know ! I bought it because I have one that is white from Old Navy and I thought it would match perfect . I love this dress since I looked at this blog a couple of weeks ago ! I want I want it and I am a size 16 so finding vintage is a real chore !

  • Morgan says:

    Thank you Ruby! You're the best! 🙂

  • Rae Veda says:

    Thank you, Ruby! It looks awesome.

    xo, rv

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