September 5, 2011

These pictures were inspired by one picture from this beautiful shoot. I just loved how she captured the baby bump and I wanted my own!

bumpa bump between us
Of course, I needed to make sure it was captured using my sx-70 polaroid camera. I just love polaroids so much!
The days until baby comes are dwindling down so fast, I am trying to savor every last moment. I want to make sure to have everything so vividly ingrained in my head. I want to remember every little kick, bump, and feeling that goes along with this special time (and spend time treasuring the three little babes we already have). I kinda just want to hit pause. At the same time, now that all my to-dos are crossed off, we are ready to meet baby. I have been having a steady stream of surges, but nothing to warrant a trip to the hospital just yet. The excitement is definitely mounting over here…

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