November 23, 2011

guest post

Hello Shine Project readers! My name is Rubyellen from Cakies. I am a mom to 4 girls whose ages are 5, 4, almost 2, and 10 weeks old, so you can imagine my days are filled with lots of craziness…

guest post
Every mom knows that every morning you just wake up and go. You can’t call in sick, there is no day off, it is just go, go go! I love my children and my husband, but there also came a point when I just kinda froze. I was filled with lots of frustrations, the girls were fighting, nothing was getting done, and I just felt overwhelmed. I like to call this my mommy meltdown (can read one here). The first time it happened, I was just tired and and had a lot of frustrations which just boiled up, then leading to a much needed cry fest by myself, on my bed. Then came the realization that I was going about my days ignoring God and failing to depend on him for strength, and just trying to handle it on my own. It wasn’t a new truth to me, but an easily forgotten one. Even now, I still forget to include God in my everyday and usually those days go over like a big ginormous mess. Not fun. So for me, the biggest lesson learned is I can’t do it. I really can’t. Since I can’t do it, I just need to surrender and give it all to God. Daily.

The blog world is so wonderful and full of inspiration, but you have to remember the life behind the blog you read is just as normal as you! They have messes that you can’t see! I personally have lots of messes that my readers can’t see, so I never ever want anyone to put me on a pedestal. I seriously don’t deserve it. The only thing I hope to do is to encourage someone to love God through all the fun that goes on in a home, and even love God through the ugliest and messiest parts!
Thank you Ashley for allowing me to share a bit of my heart here! And thank you to her wonderful readers as well! It was nice to meet you all and I hope you come by and visit me here!
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