November 23, 2011

first thanks
We had this sign converted into a little sign for Thanksgiving, but it didn’t quite make it there because we already re-did the room for Christmas! Auntia Suzi & Grandmama (Ben’s mom and sister) just came into town and we wanted it all Christmas-ed out for them, so it is already Christmas in our home, even though we have yet to celebrate Thanksgiving.
We are excited about the festivities that will ensue with family these next few days. I love turkey and stuffing and kinda missed out last year cause we went on vacation to San Diego instead of a traditional Thanksgiving, so you bet I will be making up for it this year. My tummy will be undoubtedly full after Thursday!
happy auntia and grandmama is herechristmas already?!!
I left to do a few errands (so thankful for Grandmama and Auntia for watching the girls) and I come back to see my girls have already started writing to Santa! I guess we switched modes in our house real fast!!!
Anyone start with their Christmas shopping yet? I am almost done. Kinda. I have the list of what to buy, I just need to officially buy it. Well, if you need some help one of my fave etsy shops Ms. Tips is having a great 30% off sale until midnight Sunday night and she always has fabulous things!!!

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