October 14, 2011

She is our little Glow worm, but we got her her very own vintage Glo Worm too.
her glo wormher glo worm
her glo worm
her glo wormher glo worm
Naturally, we couldn’t resist getting her this. I had a glo worm as a child and Ben and I loved the look of the vintage ones much better than the new ones, so I stalked a few auctions on ebay to get one (surprisingly they go for a whole lot and I was in a bidding war to get them). Actually, I not only got one, but two (I am good at ebay), to make sure at least one worked. We wanted her to be able to hug it later and have fun seeing it light up! After all, that is what helps make this little worm so darn adorable.
I can’t wait until she can play with it. Actually, I can. I love her being so little and since she is our last, we are soaking up every minute of this newborn-ness before it’s gone. Plus, she is already a month old! Can you believe it?!! And I did indeed take her chair picture yesterday to mark the occasion (and I am almost done writing her birth story, so hopefully that will be up next week).
If you are interested, since I bought two and both work, I am selling the other one in my shop here. It works and is washed and ready to be loved!
Be back later with my week’s huzzahs and tomorrow, but I am going to keep the raffle giveaway going one more day, so you still have a chance to donate and I will announce the winner of the dollhouse pillow tomorrow. Thank you so much to all who have tweeted, blogged, facebooked and donated thus far. It is so very much appreciated by me and the Martinez family.

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