October 12, 2011

Tuesday nights are becoming more special here because that’s the night we get together with some of our friends, particularly the BFF and her hubs and another gentleman from our church family, to share dinner and life. Dinner comes first and we all indulge, joke, and talk, after which the boys and girls separate and the boys have their accountability time together and Lin and I do our own version talking about things we struggle with, how to love God more, how to love our husbands more, etc. Of course, all the kids get put to bed after dinner and sometimes Ben and the boys do it to give the men some practice since they aren’t yet fathers and other times the girls do it.
Speaking of putting the girls to bed, last night they were so cute because as I was taking all three big girls upstairs for bed, they said, “Mom, we have a show for our church family.” I hesitated because it was already past their bedtime, but then let them do it because they weren’t being shy and I wanted to take advantage of it. They had me call everyone to where the stairs are, and once they were all there, they proceeded to sing “So Long, Farewell” from Sound of music. It was the cutest thing!!! As stubborn as my kids are sometimes, they can be such heart melters too.
Ben and I are so blessed by this time and getting to know our friends more, though Lin and I are pretty much like sisters, but our husbands are quickly becoming better friends and we secretly think they want to be BFFs like us. Guess that is not so secret anymore. Anyways, we have all taken turns at making dinner and everytime the Parks bring dinner, it becomes a new favorite for Ben and he raves on and on after the food after company has gone home (and for days after too).
korean tacos
Last night was no exception. They brought Korean tacos and oh. my. gosh. So Yummerz! I was so hungry and loving it that I only took a picture of my plate pre-digging in and post-digging in. I didn’t even get a picture of anyone else or the entire spread that was on the table. I plowed through 5 tacos and Lin and I out ate the boys. Our tummies were telling us we were full, but we listened to our taste buds. I officially declare that they can be in charge of food every week!
korean tacos
The recipe they used was Korean Beef Tacos from here and you can be sure this will be going in our recipe staples and I have a feeling this may be our Friday night dinner and I want to try it with shrimp. We definitely love our Tuesday nights with delicious food, friends, and discussions that spur us love God more. So, Lin and John… what are you brining over tonight? Who said we can’t do it on Wednesdays too?!!

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