plant picking with just the littlest ones

March 13, 2014

plant huntingplant huntingplant huntingplant huntingplant huntingplant huntingplant huntingplant huntingplant huntingplant huntingplant huntingplant huntingThe two big girls went and had their first kid sleepover with some kids from our church family, so after church one Sunday, we bid them farewell, and it was just Ben, me, and the two littlest. I know it’s hard when you have your first kid, and it’s hard to figure out the juggling when you add your second one, but after being a mom to 4 for a couple of years now, when it’s just two (no matter the combo), it is so much easier! Since our car load was lighter, Ben and I took the girls to a local nursery to pick out more plants (yes, more!). Ben was in search of a peach tree and I was looking for more indoor plants.

Glow and Soul were all about exploring up and down the aisles, and fighting about who gets to push/pull the wagon. It is so interesting when True and Brave aren’t around because you really see the big sister come out of Soul. She’s the one showing Glow the ropes and doing all the bossy-ing around. Soul also desperately misses Brave and True when they aren’t here, and will constantly inquire about their return. I think it’s so ironic because when they’re here, she is always fighting with them, especially with Brave. As much as they were missed, I’m glad my biggest girls were able to go on their first sleepover, and they came home with stories about how much fun they had!

on me: dress, handmade (see here). shoes, lotta from stockholm. bag, humble hilo. on true: dress and shoes, old navy. scarf, made by her friend. on brave: shirt, misha lulu. pants, frankie and sue. shoes, gap kids. scarf, made by her friend. on soul: dress, vintage. shirt, c/o panache box. leggings, aa. shoes, totally hand me downs. on glow: dress, vintage. shoes, c/o old navy.


10 comments on “plant picking with just the littlest ones”

  • Emily Baker says:

    sometimes I read your posts, and can’t contain how incredibly beautiful your girls are. i wanna hear more about you and ben and how you guys met/early married years without little ones!!!

    • rubyellen says:

      Our dating years have a lot of fun stories, but our life before kids was very boring. We only had one married year together without kids and it looked like this… We got pregnant a month after we got married, so I went to work (taught 4th grade), came home at 4pm, fell asleep at 6pm (I was soooo tired!), Ben was studying (it was his last year in grad school), and at 9pm he would tell me to go to the bedroom to sleep, and that was it. Weekends he studied and I either watched television on the couch or slept! That’s totally all I remember! We got fun again after True came and he graduated. 😉

  • I am so in love with the denim dress you made! Makes we want to buy a sewing machine! 🙂

    • Rubyellen says:

      Buy one! I have a Janome and it works like a dream! Sewing clothes for yourself is really so easy! After a few trial and errors of course… 😉

  • Katy says:

    love it! so much fun!!! that’s an adorable dress!

  • nikki says:

    they are so cute! and i love your denim dress!


  • Katie says:

    Your daughters are just so precious. Always love seeing your pictures!

  • sandy says:

    ADORABLE ruby!

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