mandarins for days

March 12, 2014

gardengardengardengardenOkay, it really lasted barely a week (instagrammed here), but they were all thoroughly enjoyed. Ben picked out some really good varieties (Tango and Kishu) to grow in the garden. They were seriously some of the best mandarins I have ever had. They had just perfect amount of sweetness and tang. Ben said they were like candy to him… so deliciously sour and sweet! I’m not typically a citrus person because I hate peeling the skin, but for these, I made an exception because they were so easy to peel and they were just so good that I couldn’t resist.

We have had the citrus trees for several months now, but since we are doing an almost complete overhaul of the placement of things in our yard, our citrus trees have just been growing in pots. We will be transplanting them to their more permanent location into some of our corten steel beds in about a month or so, and I can’t wait to get those settled in. Actually, I just can’t wait to be done with garden projects and enjoy the fruits of our labor, but those projects are really never-ending. Anyone else feel that way about their backyard?

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