February 13, 2012

an early love day date
My one request for Valentine’s Day was to go to a Madewell store. I have been googly eyes over their stuff online and have never tried anything on, so I wanted to go into the store to find out my size in case I ever did order anything. The only thing I have from them are these beauties, you can rarely go wrong with shoe sizes, and it was a recent gift from my way cool parents!
an early love day datean early love day date
It worked out perfectly yesterday afternoon because we switched cars with my BFF after church. We took her cute, little, red mini cooper and she took our SUV with our three big girls in it. Ben and I had a chaperone to make sure we didn’t get frisky and to ensure she stayed the baby.
an early love day date
We went to Madewell at the Americana and their clothes are just as pretty in person. I seriously spent two hours (really!) just in that store trying everything on, so I would know my size in their clothing. What did I leave with? Nothing! HA! I did tell Ben all I wanted to do was try things on so I would know my size after all. Buying something wasn’t part of the agreement. At least I now know my size so Ben can feel free to order some surprises for me. Hint, hint, Benny!
an early love day date
FYI- I tried on this songbird dress and loved it. Only problem is, though it fit like a glove, you couldn’t move your arms. I even tried one size up and it was the same problem. It is such a lovely dress, but if you need to move your arms to say, chase some kids down, this dress isn’t for you. Heck! I don’t think you could get your arms up to drive in this dress without ripping a seam. So strange, but so pretty! I think it is just the way the shoulders are cut, it just isn’t moving friendly. I had to be very careful when I took this picture.
an early love day date
After, we grabbed dinner at this South Indian vegetarian restaurant called Udupi Palace recommended by one of Ben’s patients. I was a bit nervous cause I was really hungry having not eaten lunch, so I wasn’t sure a vegetarian place was going to fill me up. Oh my gosh. This place was so good! We were oohing and ahhing over all the flavors in the dishes we ordered. I definitely left stuffed and we are definitely going back. I am craving it right now as I think about it.
Glow was so good the whole time and a good chaperone and the big three had lots of fun with Auntie Linda. Our last date was in November and we really need to squeeze more in. Dates with my husband are always fun and a good way to give us both a bit of recharge from the chaos of being with the girls all the time.
I know Valentine’s Day is really tomorrow and I love any excuse to celebrate, so you can be sure we will be putting the girls to bed extra early and carving out more alone time for each other at home. What do you have planned for Valentine’s? Anything special or do you prefer to not celebrate the day?
p.s. isn’t a baby-wearing daddy pretty sexy? i definitely think so! he is wearing the mama’s milk sling, see me wearing mine here. we have used these since True was born.
p.p.s. thank you bff for watching the girls! don’t worry you can be sure we will do this again, so john can be there too! love ya!

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