February 17, 2012

thrifted on thursdaythrifted on thursdaythrifted on thursday
thrifted on thursday
thrifted on thursday
Yesterday was a good day. Despite the fact, I had very little sleep that night due to Glow having a cold, but a good thrift day is good in re-energizing a tired body. Wouldn’t you agree?
I took the two big girls to the dentist with my baby sister, while my mama watched the two baby girls, and we sandwiched the dental visit with two thrift visits. I was most giddy about my shirts, a book for my girls (and one for my mama), especially the load of records we came home with. Wait. That means I am giddy about every. single. thing I found. Well, indeed I am! My sister made out like a bandit too, looky at her treasures here!
I love finding some good treasures!

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