March 16, 2012

Friday, Friday… it comes after Thursday. Anyone know this song on youtube that got ripped up for not being that great?! Yeah. Well, it’s stuck in my head. You’ll thank me later for getting it stuck in your head now. Gotta admit it’s annoyingly catchy, especially when it’s Friday.
Yesterday, I had a good time with the BFF hanging out at the Daily Buzz event (along with Kira and Kim) at the Madewell in Century City. There was champagne, cupcakes, and games. I would say shopping, but I didn’t buy a thing. I was good. Plus, Ben didn’t give me permission and he did just let me buy a couch this week, so yeah, I didn’t need to shop. Though, I really wanted to.
This week’s learned and links…
– True loves math, but let’s just say it isn’t my favorite subject to teach. Math was not my favorite subject.
-Finally got the whole Junie B. Jones series and can’t wait to read them with the girls!
– Soul is starting to look more like a little girl than a baby.
– I am really thankful for our church family. If you are looking for a church in L.A. area, you should come visit!
– My chesterfield couch is really pretty. Love craigslist!
– Announced the giveaway winners on twitter. Follow me here.
– Watch this cute wedding video from last weekend’s wedding by Cakeflix. The wedding was totally like we time traveled cause the location was beautiful and it was all “vintaged” out. You will get to see me as a bridesmaid and my girls walk down the aisle too!
– Got my own pair of tumbleweeds sunglasses and LOVE them. Seriously the raddest pair of sunglasses I have ever owned. They are currently having a 25% off sale, so you better hurry.
– My friend Taylor got the memo regarding my bridesmaid retirement. He is hilariously funny, but first you might need to know him to understand him. Otherwise, he might just come across a wee bit too sarcastic for you. ‘Sup Sexytay!
We, we so excited… it’s Friday, Friday!!!

14 comments on “HUZZAH!”

  • Justine says:

    i LOVE those shades!

  • rock those shades, girl!

  • kelli says:

    Will you please post a picture of your new couch? I'm practically drooling over the idea of finding a chesterfield on CL!

    And thanks for the tiny book idea! My boys will love those:)

  • Vivi says:

    You are always such an inspiration!
    Love your shades too 🙂

    Have a blessed weekend!
    Vivi x

  • Sheila D. says:

    Hehe…I watched the video ages ago and didn't have to watch it again to get the song stuck in my head…and today is Saturday!

    I'll be interested in your review (as well as your girls) on Junie B. My students read them a lot when I taught 2nd grade. A lot of parents disapproved. I'd like to hear a parent/teacher's take! We've read through all the Ramona Quimby (and other Beverly Cleary) books! The girls loved them!

  • Linley says:

    Haha Taylor's report about you was hilarious!

  • Jillian says:

    you look great 🙂

    So jealous of your Madewell party!

    haha! Taylor's bridesmaid post. so good.

  • Victoria says:

    That video is too beautiful, honestly, it had me in tears. What is that place too, it's amazing!

  • Friday night and the weekend's here…oops it's actually Saturday. Lost a day, but thought you might want a new song stuck in your head.
    Those shades are class lady.
    Have a good weekend.

  • Emy Augustus says:

    those look great. I love naturalistic, earthy things. ^_^

  • Meghan says:

    amazinggggg shades. love love love. btw i'm a first grade teacher and ban junie b. jones from my classroom. she is so mean and rude! (seriously i read the book and my mouth drops open like, fo realz?!”) not the best example, in my opinion. I would def read one before you take them on with the girls. I have some other amazing recommendations though if you're interested!!

    • Rubyellen says:

      meghan- oh she is definitely rude! i use it as good teaching lessons for the girls. we talk about her behavior and what is acceptable and what they should do instead. my bff also warned me about how horrible her grammar is and so we can use those as teaching lessons too. thanks for keeping an eye out! i would love to hear your other suggestions too!!! please share!

  • astr!d says:

    awwww!!! that wedding was very sweet! thanks for sharing!!!

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