March 21, 2012

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Days go so fast. Between all the diaper changes, feeding, cleaning, schooling, and playing and then repeating those things again and again, it all goes really fast. I need to remind myself to take deep breaths and pray more. Definitely pray more.
Today, we went to the local library. Honestly, we haven’t been in a few years. The last time was when I used to go to story time when I just had two little babes named Brave and True. Those babes are now little girls and my new two babes are Soul and Glow. Good thing we have tons of books at home that keep us pretty occupied, but today reminded me how much I really do love libraries and I should make it a habit to take them once every two week. It will be a new goal.
Each little one picked out a book and I picked out two for myself. I love reading! I describe it as watching a movie in my mind. I love watching movies in my mind! Now, I just picked two random books in the new release section and really picked it based on the cover. Yes, I really judge a book by its cover! It looked simple and mysterious and I am all about mysteries. Seriously. Take those over romance any day! Just like I would rather watch a movie with explosions, car chases, and bad guys than a chick flick. I am kinda random that way.
Other random things about me… I loved Elvis when I was a kid and swore he was still alive somewhere, I am allergic to crayola crayons, and I slept in my parents room (along with my three other siblings) until I was 12 and all because I was afraid of the dark. No joke. My parents even put a mattress on the floor for us kids to sleep. They were total attachment parenting!
The only reason I started sleeping in my room was because I got in a big fight with my mom and didn’t want to see her. After that, I kinda liked it and I guess I wasn’t as scared anymore and so I just stayed in my room.
Today will be another day that will zoom on by, but I looking forward to our quiet reading time because I have a couple of books to conquer. What books have you read lately? I want to add more to my reading list.

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