March 20, 2012

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{where from again? hairclip: ban.do; scarf: made by mom; mustard shirt: 3 ring circus; stripe shirt: misha lulu; skirt: vintage with handmade applique; leggings: american apparel; shoes: tiny toms.}
I know many of you have asked how I get her to dress the way she does or is it me just dressing her. Most days, it is both of us. I give her a couple choices and she picks based on the options. There is only one outfit that stands out in my mind that she didn’t really want to wear (see here), but other than that we’re good.
I think with my girls being so girly like me, their closet full of dresses and skirts give them plenty of stuff that they love. They love it too much that they actually change numerous times a day, which leaves me having to pick up their clothes strewn all over the house, numerous times a day too.
This school day, I was running late and I had her just get dressed completely by herself. She just asked me if it was going to be warm or cold and based on what I told her, this was the result. She added the scarf cause I put her hair in a bun and she says her neck gets cold when it isn’t down. I think she does fine mixing and matching without me too.
Do you let your kids dress themselves completely or is it a team effort?


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