September 9, 2012

sunflowersWe’ve got one week left of Ben’s vacation, but it isn’t really vacation because we have tons of things on our to-do list and it feels like not much is getting done. We are down to the wire of his paternity time (we just finished off two weeks) and he is now on his last week.  We spread it out through the year and never take it all initially when our kids are born because there is always so much help those first few weeks from family visiting. The end of this week we will celebrate with Glow’s birthday. I can hardly believe that my baby, MY BABY!, turns one! ONE! We will celebrate by just hanging out and filling Glow’s day with what we think she might enjoy. She can’t tell us much yet, so we have to guess!

This week’s learned and links…

Soul is eager to join school like her older sisters and I am so amazed at how she really has been doing so well on the potty.

Glow can stand!

Ben’s taken charge of the kitchen and I haven’t made anything in two weeks! I am going to be sad when he goes back to work, with him home, we get gourmet meals all day long.

Still snacking on cookies from this party. Someone get them out of my house please!

I ordered this shirt from Anthro. Thank God for gift cards!

These doily lions are so cute. Must make them asap!

During lunch with our church family, my pastor read us this story and it was so funny it had me in tears! I can think of a few moments when I had that sharp pain! lol. Anyone relate? This is especially funny because when Ben and I fart (did I just type that? but to be clear, mine do smell like roses) or pick our boogies (did I just type that?!) in front of each other, we’ll say… “You didn’t do that while we were dating!” Oh, the joys of love and marriage!

Do you have any funny stories like that?

7 comments on “huzzah!”

  • dharshi says:

    my hubby blames the kids when he farts! lol. I love your blog and your kids are super adorable. I have four myself but I have a boy (3rd). I’m going to make your colorful cake for my daughters bday, figures crossed I don’t stuff it up!

  • Jennifer says:

    That story has been circulating in ‘our circle’ for a few weeks and I tell you it is HILARIOUS every time I read or hear it. It never gets old. Enjoy your last vaca week with your hubby home 🙂

  • Hi!!

    The Lions are so cute… I want to them as well. Thanks for sharing all good ideas. Hugs from Sweden

  • Christine says:

    Isn’t that denim shirt the same one that wore in the ‘new plant’ post? one’s anthro and one’s madewell but they look the same to me. I love how you put the look together either way 🙂

    • mycakies says:

      i guess somewhat similar. the madewell one is denim and much thicker and darker, the anthro one is chambray and is really so soft and lighter in color. i just love me lots of button downs!

  • Sarah Elizabeth says:

    Oh my goodness! Thanks for sharing that hilarity. I have experienced those pains sooo many times throughout my husband and my dating years!

  • Erica says:

    OMG!! That story had me laughing so hard I was sure I was going to wake one of my sleeping children…. HYSTERICAL 🙂 Thank you for that moment, this momma needed it!

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