November 10, 2012

i love himI can’t believe it was just last weekend that we were in San Francisco. It was the best way to spend my 31st birthday. I would love to relive that weekend all over again. This guys is the bees knees. I really do love him. Plus, he’s the handsomest man alive! I knew that the first time I laid eyes on him and once I got to know him, I really fell hard.

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Glow walks like Charlie Chaplin. So cute!

True’s reading fluency is pretty good. I can’t believe I was able to teach her how to read! I was quite fearful of that aspect of homeschooling. God is good in helping both of us through it.

I love wearing sweaters all day long. It’s been feeling cozy these past couple days.

This is a unique necklace.

If you’re a size 7, these are really cute (and inexpensive) ankle boots!

I’m curious about Worker B face wash. Anyone try it? I’m still using this, but would love to try Worker B to see how it does.

The wedding video (made by CakeFlix) for my best (guy) friend and his wife is so beautiful. Such a testimony of God’s wonderful redeeming grace! I tear up every time I watch it. Brave was so excited she made the cut for a brief second!

I’ve never been much of a sneaker wearer except when I workout, but I love these New Balance 771s in all black.

Instagram has official web links for their users. Pretty cool. Find mine here. My user name is @rubyellenbratcher.

I love Joy’s blog redesign. She is such a talented painter too! See here. She’s also the one who redesigned Cakies a few months back.

Thankful for grace that is exhibited through the sharing life that occurs in our church family. We aren’t afraid to admit we suck, fail often, and need a lot of accountability and grace.

Thankful that God gave my BFF another year! She’s 30 now and she swears she suddenly has neck wrinkles. She’s a second mama to my girls and we are so thankful for her.

We had pumpkin waffles for our Saturday morning breakfast and I think I ate more than I should. It was so yummy though, so who cares! Enjoy your weekend friends!!!

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