new year’s eve 2012

January 6, 2013

NYE 2012NYE 2012NYE 2012NYE 2012NYE 2012NYE 2012This New Year’s Eve was a much more casual affair compared to our other previous NYE celebrations. Instead of going our typical crazy route for our Bratcher Dance Party, we went comfy cozy instead staying in our pajamas all day long. We ate our black eyed peas in front of the fire, while watching The Wizard of Oz with the girls for the first time. After which we took out the strobe light and danced. We called Grandmama to wish her a Happy New Year, since she’s 2 hours ahead of us in Texas, and then proceeded to dance a bit more. We put all the girls to bed a couple hours before midnight, and Ben and I spent the rest of the night watching Prison Break.

There were no fancy frills and it was our perfect way to ring the new year. In fact, we didn’t do a countdown at all, we just knew the year changed right when we got a text message from one of our friends, so we we’re like, “I guess it’s midnight.” Then, we shared a kiss and continued to watch our show. Being with Ben and my four happy girls was all I needed to welcome 2013!

Anyone else stay in pajamas to ring in the new year?

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  • Lisa says:

    Here (south east of France) we (parents + two 3years old girls) stayed in pyjamas too ! And we had a great night too ! We wish you a very happy new year ! Best wishes from France.

  • Jessica G. says:

    Our’s was almost as chill as yours. We celebrated new year’s east coast time with my in law’s, then came home and put the kids to bed. The hubby and I rang in the new year watching netflix from my iPad in bed. It was great!

  • jane says:

    i stayed in my pjs with the kids at home. alex went to our church’s nye service and came home right at 11:58 (like he’s done for the past three years) to ring in the new year with me. 🙂

    miss you!!! i got your email(s) and will write back. promise! let’s get together soon, yes?!

  • Jamie says:

    Haha, we stayed in pajamas and after the kids went to bed i enliated my hubs to help finish sewing a quilt. We didnt even notice midnight had past till 12:30. We are such party animals!!!

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