sweet pillows

February 28, 2013

sweet little pillowsweet little pillowThis turquoise pillow was feeling kind of lonely or maybe there was just too much blue-green going on in this corner between the pillow, poster, table, and plant that there had to be some pop of another color. I think I slowly feel spring cleaning (and re-arranging) seeping into my veins and it started with this little pillow that took only 15 minutes to make. I checked my stash of fabric (I have way too much!) and found this cut up embroidered tablecloth, cut it up even more, picked a backing fabric, cut that up, sewed it, stuffed, and slip stitched it closed. Tada! It was an easy instant gratification project that filled a little need (for this corner).

Are you a good “pillow styler?” I am never good at styling pillows. My couches don’t have pillows because I’m not sure what to mix and match together! Though these two seem to work well together for now. I need couch pillow styling help. Anyone have tips?

Today was a slow day that involved pulling weeds and watering the vegetable garden while the girls sat out in the sun playing with their My Little Ponies. I meant to do a good house cleaning in the afternoon while the girls were resting (they’re all fighting a little something!), but I was way too tired that I kind of sat on the couch and internet surfed before getting up to make this pillow. I’m hoping everyone feels better tomorrow so we can have a little March 1st celebration! Starting it off sick would be no fun, but we’ll roll with the punches too. No biggie.

7 comments on “sweet pillows”

  • leah says:

    what an adorable pillow – you have such a good eye for color combos. i recently scaled back on my pillows… now I just have some black and white prints and knits and one blue-green… And I want to add a peach, or maybe yellow. something about the tiny bits of color against the black and whites make me happier than a whole lot of colors all together.

  • khanh says:

    love that orange embroidery & a perfect combo with the green pillow. Ruby, i’m in love with the vintage metal table on the left. you have an amazing taste.

  • Milynn says:

    So adorable, they do look cute together 😉

  • denise says:

    love the turquoise and orange combo, and the perfect way to welcome spring time colors into the home! I find if I take risks with pillow colors/patterns, it’s a much easier (and cheaper) way to create interest in a room instead of new paint or investing in larger pieces like a rug or furniture.

  • nicole h says:

    Great idea, it looks wonderful! A+ Ruby!

  • anne says:

    You have an eye for fashion. Group your pillows like an outfit. Also, it is fun to demote clothing (shirts, sweaters, and dresses especially) to pillow covers. Then, you don’t have to feel like a pillow hoarder. You can just switch out the covers, and you can prolong the love for your clothes! Plus, that kind of sewing is quick and super-forgiving. I actually have my sons do it!

  • Kelsey says:

    Off topic, but, can we see an update to your orchard? I’m so intrigued! Or do you/Ben have a site you recommend to figure out a garden plot? I want to plant a little garden but have no idea where to start and there’s SO much info out there it’s hard to narrow down where to begin…. Totally inspired by your dedication to fresh food in your own backyard!

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