March 4, 2013

happy it's marchWe’re starting to gear up for spring and summer gardening. Just last night, Ben was already talking about making his tomato garden plans. We haven’t harvested everything from our winter garden and we’re already talking about uprooting and replanting for summer. So much planning goes into having a vegetable garden. I’m not really the one who makes them, Ben does all the planning, but I do love enjoying the fruits of his labor. Our backyard has been in such disarray, but the girls have been spending more time out there in the afternoon that I really can’t wait to get it all back in order.

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

All the girls are no longer sick, but Glow’s tongue still has us worried. I seriously get anxiety about it and I have to remember to trust God with it. She has an appointment today to check on it, so hopefully the doctor says it’s healing well because it doesn’t look like it to us.

Ben and I went on our first double date with my BFF and her hubs! We’ve been best friends forever and we’ve never gone on a double date. Can you believe that?!!

We had so much fun hanging out and eating at Umami with our church family. It’s been forever since Ben and I have been able to hang out with them and we’re so thankful for that time.

We miss grandmama a lot. She was here for 2 weeks and she spoiled us with pancakes, french toast, or waffles every morning!

I love this happy hanging and want to make my own.

Thankful for the season of busyness we just had in our home, but hoping that things calm down just a little bit.

Thankful that it’s March. True’s excited because her birthday is in April and since springtime is upon us and her birthday is during this season, she insists we now call her Princess True. Oh my!

We have friends moving back into town, spring cleaning to get done, and lots of plans to be outside. We’re all thankful for this new season the Lord has made!

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