my girls at the market

March 4, 2013

out to get some fruitsout to get some fruitsout to get some fruitsout to get some fruitsout to get some fruitsout to get some fruitsWe’re slowly finding our regular routine again. It’s been totally out of whack for some time now, but the rhythm of our home is coming back to us. We started it back up with our farmers market trip. We go, load up on fruits and veggies, pick up some fresh pita and hummus, then head home to eat it all up for lunch! Well, not all the fruits as those are supposed to last us a week, but the girls eat so much than we run out so quickly. People used to ask us, “Is it expensive to have 4 kids?” We didn’t feel it a few years ago, but now that they all eat so much despite how tiny they are, the answer is, “YES!”

Soulie is our little eating monster. She’s seems to always have food on her mind. That girl can have a full breakfast and then by 10 o’clock she’s already asking for lunch. She will come up to me and say, “My hungry.” When she talks about her feelings it always starts with my… my tired, my hungry, my sad, and naturally we hear, “My toy!” often. At least she has correct usage with that one. Oh Soulie! That girl is such a riot!

Our market bag was sent over from Tukula. It’s this one. We love it because it holds so much and the pattern is beautiful! I have this one too and it’s so great for throwing all the junk I carry around for 4 kids when we’re out and about. These days it is just so much easier for me to use a cross body bag to keep my hands free for the little ones.

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  • Fiona says:

    Your girls are so beautiful! I grew up with 4 sisters, so looking at your sweet girls kind of reminds me of the fun of growing up with my sisters. It’s nice to be able to go to a farmer’s market, especially on such a beautiful day!

  • Jen says:

    I love this post! we are finding the same thing, now that our 4 kiddos are getting older (they’re about the same ages as yours) they eat SO MUCH!! They go through fresh strawberries and avocados and carrots like there’s no tomorrow, I’m having to shop 2x a week now because we don’t have a lot of room!

  • Morgane says:

    Your girls are so cute! Really!

  • Sarah Elizabeth says:

    Cuteness overload!! I can only imagine how adorable little Soul’s voice sounds as she says “my hungry”. Love these pictures…and those mocassins!

  • Ana says:

    They are so adorable! And I love the bag too.

  • Bon Bon says:

    Soul is a girl after my own heart:-) Yay food! And that bag is gorgeous! Totally reminds me of the fabric prints that are everywhere in Africa! I have a smaller version from when I lived in Rwanda, but it wouldn’t hold that much fruit/veggies:-( xoxo

  • cozy eh, with your daughters to the market. Glow with the bruise on her cheek 🙂 it’s good to see her, toughie!

  • “My Hungry” “My Toy” aw. that’s so cute, though i am sure it might get annoying for you sometimes. I get annoyed when my sons do certain whiny things over and over again. . .
    Glad that you all had a nice time at the market!

  • my cousin’s twins (aged 2.5) do the same thing as Soul. “Mom, my hungry” They haven’t quite grasped the concept of “I” yet.

  • jane says:

    true looks so old in these pictures! and can we have a playdate soon?! isabelle misses your girls. 🙂

  • julie says:

    I discovered your blog last night and was completely smitten. Was so fun going through your archives, enjoying your decorating, the pictures of your beautiful family, and all your creativity. Really a wonderful journal here. This morning I’m enjoying your pins on Pinterest.

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