June 24, 2013

#gospursgoIt wasn’t their year to win. They came so close. Insanely close. A big swing of emotions played out every few seconds and in the end, though they fought hard, it wasn’t their year. It might sound a bit dramatic and yes, it’s a first world problem, but my heart was (is) a little broken. Those guys are just the epitome of classiness as far as basketball goes and the way they have worked hard to build their team versus buy their team (ahem, yes Lebron and Ray Allen, I’m talking to you!) is just amazing. Even if they didn’t win, I’m proud of those guys. I love them!

I will never forget it was 1999, I didn’t care a lick about basketball, and basketball season had just ended. I turned to my ex-boyfriend and asked him, “So who won the championship this year?” He replied, “The San Antonio Spurs.” I distinctly remember thinking, “Who the heck are the San Antonio Spurs?!! Oh, they must be a new team.”

Just a few years later, said ex-boyfriend was out of the picture, my love affair with Ben Bratcher was just beginning, and with that I was falling hard for that man and the basketball team he loved so much. Thus, my life was forever changed. #gospursgo

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Glow has her own little “baby” (a stuffed bear) and she must have it with her everywhere!

Suddenly, we have a wee bit more time on our hands now that basketball season is over.

We have lots of flies where we live (we live near lots of dairy farms), so I picked up one of these food covers for our dinners outside.

I got surgery on my face this past week to remove a cyst, so I’m looking for wide brimmed hats now to hide from the sun to prevent scarring. This one is cute.

Soul’s shingles are gone… yippee!! Thank you Lord!

I didn’t cook dinner once this week, so Trader Joe’s and frozen pizzas helped us survive.

Crystal Lewis is having a pop-up concert tonight (get info here)! So if you’re in Southern California, you can get more info here! Don’t forget her kickstarter program going on now too.

Hello Monday. You’re off to a slow start, but that’s just the way Mondays go sometimes.

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