some projects to fill your summer with

June 21, 2013

halo light DIYhalo light DIYOver at A Beautiful Mess I share how to make a little Halo Light Pendant DIY. It’s a simple way to dress up this hanging light. It’s over our learning table and the girls love it, and we finally have lighting in that room!

tea party tutorialtea party tutorialI’m also over at Prudent Baby and I show you how to turn a footstool into a felt tea party (with a template)! Right after I was done with the project, the girls claimed it as their own, and they have have already held quite a few tea parties. And the guests of honor for their parties are always the My Little Ponies of course!

I guess I’m all over the place today, which pretty much sums up how I’ve felt this week… all over the place. Here’s to hoping this weekend is a bit more low key, but knowing what I already have on my plate, it won’t be! I guess I’m a glutton for busyness. Anyone else that way too?!

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