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August 21, 2013

marimekkomarimekkomarimekkomarimekkomarimekkomarimekkomarimekkomarimekkoMarimekko invited me over to tour their new store in Los Angeles and I was ooh-gling and aah-gling over all the pretty patterns and colors. I’ve been a fan of their fabrics for years, so I was super excited to know they had a store here in SoCal! The had bolts and bolts of gorgeous fabric. It was like fabric heaven for the sewing nerd in me. If you aren’t a sewer, they also have a seamstress on hand, so that they could make you whatever it is you wanted! They told me that someone wanted their headboard covered in the fabric, so they took it to them, and Marimekko got it done. I think that’s a nice option to have for those who want something personalized, but might not have the time or know how to do it.

I was also loving their little children section, their striped dresses, and that collaboration they did with Converse. I was practicing a lot of restraint to not walk out the store with at least something! Oh, I was so tempted. Thankfully, they sent me home with their beautiful book and a Marimekko tote, so I’m a pretty happy camper. If you’re in the L.A. area, you should definitely stop by Marimekko!

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