distressing my denim cut-offs

August 20, 2013

diy denim cut offsdiy denim cut offsdiy denim cut offsdiy denim cut offsdiy denim cut offsdiy denim cut offsdiy denim cut offs My best friend came over and distressed a pair of my denim cut-offs. I liked what she did to hers, so she came over and did them to mine. My summer uniform has been all about my denim cut-offs and one pair was feeling kinda boring and needed a little bit more personality. I like it much better now!

Supplies needed: denim shorts, cheese grater, scissors, and tweezers

Using the cheese grater, grate the zipper and pocket areas to rough them up a little. Cut slits in your desired spots (I didn’t want to show any skin, so I had her do them where the pockets would cover my legs). Also, you don’t want it to look too planned, so don’t do symmetrical cuts. Then, using your tweezers, pull out the blue fibers (also called warp threads) that go lengthwise on the denim. Remove the warp threads the entire length from your cut slit. This way you’re only left with the white weft threads showing. Once your done, throw it in the wash and dryer, and voila!

I find all my denim shorts at the thrift store. I prefer it that way since I get to decide how short I want to make them. All the ones at the store these days are way too booty short for me (anyone else agree?). I wore this distressed pair here on my date night with Ben. Do you have a good method in distressing your denim?

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  • IRALEE says:

    i agree with the shorts- they are ALL too short!!!! and i have long legs so it’s even more of a battle for me. i HATE seeing young girls and teens walking around with shorts so short!!!! shame on their mommas for letting them out of the house like that!!!

  • Natasha Raven says:

    Sandpaper is my favorite denim distresser! 🙂 And I agree… shorts are WAY too short! I feel like I’m constantly reminding my female students to make sure their shorts are an appropriate length!

  • Ananasa says:

    Amazing idea! So simple, so fun! And the result…. the most amazing pair of denim shorts!

    Ananasa.com- Home for Handmade

  • Jennifer says:

    I have come to the conclusion that shorts the “right” length simply do not exist therefore must be customized. I like the cheese grater idea! A pumice stone (like the ones used for pedis) has been my favorite tool for distressing denim. It will remove the blue and leave the white, as you have done, and you can also get a little fray action going on the side seams, belt loops, pockets, zipper, or wherever! If, by chance, you rub off so much denim that patching is required and your husband is looking at you like he’s genuinely concerned for your mental well-being for making a hole then patching the same hole, well, that’s when you know your cut-offs are perfect! Hehe. 😉

    Also, thanks for introducing me to Salvage Life. I love it! Going there right now.

  • inck says:

    Great idea! I enjoy your family blog very!

  • April says:

    I completely agree with shorts in the stores being too short! I’ve been making my own too. Thanks for the distressing ideas.

  • gshock says:


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