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May 15, 2014

Ralph’s contacted me to ask if I knew about their rewards program. I said, “Um… have you been snooping on my credit card?” Ralph’s is our corner grocery store, and their fuel is consistently priced lower than the other 2 on the same corner, so we go with it. Thus, I agreed to be part of their fuel savings campaign along with Holly from Kids Activities Blog, Ashley from The Shine Project, and Summer from The Girls With Glasses Show. Here we are sharing about their fuel program, tips to rack up more points, and the best way to cash out and save more money when filling up.

Here’s a funny story… we’ve been using Ralph’s Fuel for about 6 years now, and you have to input your number to get your rewards, right? Well, when we first moved, we didn’t have a Ralph’s card, and I hate filling out those things to get one, so I would just input my parents’ phone number. I had been doing that up until about a year ago when Ben said, “I thought for sure we would have more points for all we spend” I said, “We? Don’t you just put my mom and dad’s number in?” He said, “No! I signed us up to get our own points.” That was a total ding-bat moment. From then on, I made sure to input our own phone number, so that we would get to reap the rewards ourselves.

It was fun getting to spend the day in Phoenix and getting to know the other ladies (and I got caught up on most my email while waiting for my flight home). They are all so sweet and it’s fun to talk nerdy blogging stuff with others who like that kind of stuff too. I did get jealous though because I learned in other states, you can max out your fuel rewards savings up to $1.00, whereas in Calfornia, you can only max out at 20 cents. Bummer for us, but great for everyone else if you’re in the other states. So if you happen to shop at Ralph’s (or Fry’s and Kroger’s in other states), don’t forget to input the right phone number (duh!) and take advantage of the fuel rewards.

This post is sponsored by Ralph’s. As always, all opinions are my own. I was excited to be able to do something like this to show the girls the result. Just liked I shared in yesterday’s post about True being shy, I used this to show them that even mommy can feel nervous and shy (boy was I feeling nervous and shy!), but I can still meet new people and even be in front of the camera. They were in awe watching it, and after they said, “They let you play like that at the grocery store?!”  


3 comments on “input the right phone number”

  • Jess says:

    OK. I’m a long time reader and I love your blog, but you have officially “jumped the shark.”

    • Rubyellen says:

      Thank you Jess for your honest thoughts on it. I know sponsored posts aren’t going to be for everyone, some people are pretty neutral on them, some hate them, and some are fine with them. Ralph’s really is our corner store we use for gas and quick grocery pick ups, so I had no problem working with them on this campaign. Again, I don’t expect everyone’s praise on a sponsored post, because maybe it’s the commercialism or feeling the lack of integrity, I get the hesitation people would have regarding it. Regarding the ones I decide to do, the stories and opinions I share in this (and all my other ones) are always real. If it didn’t mesh well with me, I wouldn’t share it or choose to be part of that particular campaign. There’s plenty I say no to because I’m just like, “Eh, I don’t know about that,” or I don’t think is a good fit with me and this space, so that’s that with those opportunities.

      I do appreciate your honest comment, and I’m not one to moderate comments (unless there’s something vulgar or profane, which hasn’t happened) because I value the time you take here and never feel the need to hide anything. Plus, having a comment box is there for my readers to have a say too. Ultimately, I will try and make the best decision possible for me and this space, and I know in the end, I just can’t please everyone. I put a lot of work into my blog, and while I’d love to be able to still engage you as a reader, no hard feelings if you decide to jump ship. The great thing is there are so many blogs out there, that everyone could find something that really speaks to them, and I’m thankful for the time you have spent here.

  • hilary says:

    oh my gosh, you are so cute! I don’t care if it is an ad for something, it is nice to see you!

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