the other brave birthday happenings

August 29, 2013

brave 6 bdaybrave 6 bdaybrave 6 bdaybrave 6 bdaybrave 6 bday brave 6 bdaybrave 6 bdaybrave 6 bdaybrave 6 bdaybrave 6 bdaybrave 6 bdaybrave's hotel, swimming, pajama partybrave's hotel, swimming, pajama partyWe really just hung out all the pool all day. We stayed two nights at the the hotel and to help minimize some costs, we brought peanut butter, sunflower butter, jelly, and a loaf of bread so we could make sandwiches for lunch. We brought a cooler full of chopped watermelons, cantaloupes, and a giant bag full of tomatoes.  We also put our sandwich goods and yogurt inside the cooler too. For breakfasts we gave the girls O’s and yogurt (and Ben and I had our Cliff bars). We ended up only eating out twice (for lunch before we checked into the hotel on Saturday and pizza for Brave’s pajama party Sunday night). We did venture out one afternoon to go and try Sprinkles Ice Cream, which was really good, but I wouldn’t crave it as much as their cupcakes.

Having food ready made it easier to just relax. We’d go swimming and then go back to the room when we were hungry, and then go back out to go swimming again. We had no agenda and it was the most relaxing (quick) vacation ever because our plans were simple… swim, eat, sleep, and celebrate Brave. Repeat.

To keep with our traditional birthday breakfast in bed, we still gave Brave breakfast in bed, but it was just her O’s and yogurt on a plate. HA! We also sang the birthday song of course. She was still just as excited about it! And when they weren’t in bathing suits, Brave was wearing her mama-made birthday dress. I’m so happy she loved it so much! She also loved the big crochet balls for her hair by Persimmon Jewelry, which was totally part of her birthday outfit. My little Spider-Man loving girl is just darling!

Sunuva sent over these cute bathing suits for the girls and they wore it all weekend long. It was a nice little surprise for the girls to have new suits for the celebrating. Brave got the red and blue strawberry one because it has Spider-Man colors, but it has this little pocket in the back that is just so cute! This one is True’s (and Glow’s) and this one is Soul’s.

On the way home, we stopped by a nursery to pick up some trees for our garden (that Ben always has gardening on his mind!) and I realized we never took a family picture, so I plopped my camera on one side of the road (with our gorillapod) and tada… we have a picture of all of us together for Brave’s birthday weekend. It was a very good weekend indeed! I love birthday celebrating!!! In just a couple weeks we have another birthday in our house… Glow turns 2! Can you believe she’s going to be 2?!! I can’t!

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