September 21, 2013

glannyThe baby. Friday afternoon, I dropped the girls off for piano lessons and the baby and I set off for lunch with friends. I remember one being tough when it was just True. It’s overwhelming to be a first time mom and there are a lot of changes (sleep?! what’s that?!)! But once you slowly (or we kind of did it quickly) work your way up to 4, and then get an afternoon with just one, the difference is amazing. One becomes a piece of cake.

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

I’m noticing this week that True and Brave are better at summarizing the central idea of a story. Yay!

Glow loves hats. It’s her jam of late. I guess once you turn two, you find your style.

Soul said the cutest thing, as she was crying with lots of tears she said, “True, you’re making my heart break.” Well, long story short, True told Soul she wasn’t loving God because she was being rude (and Soul admitted to being rude). I guess that made her heart break because she wanted to love God.

Thankful for our church family. They encourage us so much! If you’re in the LA area, come visit us!

Loved my friend Karen’s interview (read it here). She’s the brain behind Misha Lulu and one of the most creative (and kind) people I know!

I think the SoCal has finally arrived. At least, I hope.

Tonight is Salvage Life store opening! If you’re in SoCal, I think you should go!

Love this reminder. So true.

I want to plan a fall potluck with friends. I think it would be fun to have a fall celebration get together!

I want a cute flounce or flared skirt for fall. I might to try and make one.

This fall we’re working on major garden changes. Oh that yard of ours is always changing. So much trial and error goes on all the time, I can’t wait to share until things are finally settled and figured out!

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