May 1, 2009

A week ago, I got up close to check out Mrs. Huneybird’s teeny nest and saw nothing. I kinda freaked out as I couldn’t see the 2 eggs. Ben, being much taller than me (I am rather short at 5’0” and darn proud of the 0”) peeked in and saw the teeny little huneybirds…
where are the eggs?
We were all so excited that they hatched and much sooner than we anticipated.
Now, a week later, they are growing at full speed. Mrs. Huneybird only comes by to feed the little ones, I don’t think she sleeps there anymore. I think these little huneys may have kicked her out…
The other day, I asked True, “What do you want to name the baby huneybirds?”
She paused for a moment. Then, matter of factly said, “Sun and Moon.”
She must get her naming skills from Ben and me. So, Sun and Moon it is! They are so cute. We just stare and watch them. Now, I haven’t seen Mrs. Huneybird feed them myself, but Ben says it looks like she is woody woodpecker pecking them all hard, though I guess that is how it goes. Every time I come to watch, she flies away. I take it the big camera in my hand might be a tad intimidating. Just a tad. I will continue to try though. Until then, we are content to watch whatever they like to show us. Though, I do get a bit nervous when I see things squirt at the backside. I guess when nature calls, nature calls.
Speaking of hatch, if you are in the Lititz, Pennsylvania area, Bethany’s Hatch Studio & Art Gallery will have their opening night this Saturday evening. You can check out the website and see the long list of artists that will be represented in her wonderful studio. I am proud to have my little things there along with some exclusive crowns I made just for HATCH…
hatch crown

These will only be made for HATCH, so if you want one, you better contact Bethany. I so wish I lived closer, I would have definitely enrolled in the photography classes coming up and my girls would definitely have been enrolled in her summer art camps. I can’t wait to see all the budding artists will be “hatching” in this wonderful environment!

I hope you hatch up some good fun this weekend!

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