brave really lives up to her name

April 14, 2014

At my sister’s fundraiser this past Saturday, Brave performed “Let It Go” in front of an audience. She belted it out and totally got into her role. Her sisters were “ice statues” next to her for support (those two are so cute to watch too!).

Ben and I were in awe! There were about 100 people there and she just let it go. Apparently, our girl loves to perform; she already says she wants to do it again. We are totally Frozen obsessed over here, and just when I thought that song was no longer stuck in my head, Brave’s performance put it back in. And don’t mind the shaky camera work, I was smiling from ear to ear (and crying!) as my Bravey performed, and was looking at her (not the camera), so I wasn’t so good at keeping a steady hand. By the way, Brave asked me, “Mom, are you going to post my singing? I want you to post it on a lot of stuff.” ย So, here you go…

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