an old trunk and some casters

April 15, 2014

vintage trunk and casteresI’ve had this vintage trunk forever. We got it from our fave vendors at the flea market, but the bottoms were really sharp and pokey, so we never brought it back into the house after we had the carpet switched out for wood floors.

vintage trunk and casteresvintage trunk and casteresvintage trunk and casteresvintage trunk and casteresMy solution to fixing that problem was to have Ben add some casters to it. I searched high and low for the perfect casters, and ultimately Cool Casters had what I was looking for, so I purchased these amber casters (with brakes). Ben had to mount a piece of plywood to the bottom of the trunk first because the wood was so old and soft that the screws weren’t gripping into anything (he attached it with screws around the perimeter of the bottom, since they were solid spots there). Then, he mounted the casters onto the plywood.

I really wanted the aqua casters (aren’t they so cool?), but aqua and green (and pink) are my go-to colors, so I was trying to break my typical choice. I really like how the amber turned out, but I would to figure out a project to use some aqua casters because they are just too cool. I’m thinking something for the one of the kids’ rooms.  The Cool Casters casters were a bit higher in priced, but they’re unique and fun. You can go to your local hardware store and pick up some basic, inexpensive ones (about $5 per caster) and those would totally work too.

vintage trunk and casteresvintage trunk and casteresvintage trunk and casteresThe girls love having this movable trunk in their playroom. They use it to play store, house, move it around to make it a ticket booth, or to be desks at their “work.” I love how something as simple as adding casters, makes this vintage trunk we’ve had for awhile suddenly feel fresh and new again. I’m all for simple furniture facelifts! Has spring got you in the mood for any simple furniture changes?

Don’t forget to check back here later because I will have more book info to share today! I’m so excited!!!

8 comments on “an old trunk and some casters”

  • Those fun casters are fabulous – they ass just the right amount of texture. I have a hope-chest I’ve been meaning to clean up and but in the kids playroom, colorful casters would be the perfect addition.

    • Rubyellen says:

      I know! I want to find something to put the turquoise casters on. I love things that roll about. ha!

  • theveryflowers says:

    very cute 🙂 just be careful with that soft, old wood. not long ago i found a trunk much like this. sprayed it down, gave it a coat of paint, brought it into the house….
    we have wood floors. then i noticed some damage to the floor where the trunk was…
    yup. termites.
    out it went!!!!

    • Rubyellen says:

      Oh golly! Thanks for this reminder. It happened to us once with an old table we bought, but we were cleaning it up to bring it in the house when we noticed those pesky bugs. That table never went in the house and we got rid of it. I’m sure my husband checked for termites, but I’ll have him check again to be sure.

  • Bianca says:

    Looks great! I love casters. I would add them to everything in my house if that wouldn’t look ridiculous:).
    Love that old chest!

  • nikki says:

    love that bedframe! so pretty!


  • Danica says:

    What a genius idea to put wheels on that trunk. This rook is so beautiful, your taste for design is just perfect! Care to adopt me for a few weeks? xo danica

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