our trek for ice cream

October 15, 2013

my little ladies and memy little ladiesmy little ladies and memy little ladies and meIt was one of those “we need to get out of the house” days and RJย (baby sister) was over, so we took this opportunity to go do some adventuring. We did some thrifting (found nothing) and then got the bestest ice cream ever. It’s a bit of a drive for it, and Ben thinks I’m crazy to do so, but he doesn’t understand how good it is. It’s seriously bomb dot com.

ice creamice creamice creamice creamglowice creamice creammy little ladies and meA la Minute Ice Cream is made to order using liquid nitrogen! Say what?! Not sure how it works, but look at that picture above with all the smoke, that’s how it works. It’s pretty much made for you in a minute. It’s utterly amazing! My fave flavors are their salted caramel and chocolate lavender… oooh so good! Our friend Steph, who introduced us to the ice cream, texted me the other day to tell me they had pumpkin. Unfortunately, the day we went, they had just sold out that morning. They said they were making another pumpkin one, so that means we will just have to make the trek back. I was bummed, but excited because that means we have to go back. There was also a thrift store that was closed that we want to check out, so another day of ice cream and thrifting must happen again very soon.

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