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December 10, 2013

uncommongoodsAre you done with your Christmas shopping? I think I’m pretty much done. I have a couple more things to figure out, but I think we’re mostly all set. I think we will be wrapping presents by this week’s end. Here’s a little roundup of some things that I’m loving over at Uncommon Goods

For him
1. walnut bookend lamp. I finally got Ben’s books organized on the shelf and they could definitely use these book ends!
2. heart of gold. I would give this to him with a sweet little note. That guy of mine really has a heart of gold!
3. bubble alarm clock. This would look super cool by his side of the bed.
4. bio fuel lotion. He loves a good lotion. A side story: I have super dry, rough hands, so one of Ben’s first gifts for me when we started dating was a bottle of Kiehls lotion. I give him such a hard time about it because he gave it to me in a Neiman Marcus bag because he bought it there, but you can imagine that my mind was giddy with the idea of something pretty and fancy inside. Nope! It was just lotion. Though it was indeed fancy lotion! And it really did make my hands softer!

For her
5. handstitched Guatemalan pillow. I’m a sucker for pretty pillows!
6. stacking ring. I love the mix of metals! I’m definitely a ring gal; it’s my favorite type of jewelry.
7. cheese knife and slicer. I need this for our monthly girls’ cheese and w(h)ine night.
8. kantha blanket. I’ve always loved the gorgeous patterns on these blankets.

For the kids
9. build your city. My girls would flip for this. This is where they would have all their My Little Ponies live!
10. fox pillow. My Glow is obsessed with animals. She would definitely give this pillow some lovin’.
11. playon crayon. Things for creating are just always a must in their Christmas stockings!
12. balloon modeling kit. I think my kiddos would love this (but we’d have to be careful around Glow). This would definitely keep them captivated for a whole afternoon (and then some!).

Are you done with your Christmas shopping or are you a last minute shopper?

This post is in collaboration with Uncommon Goods. Check out some of the other beautifully curated gift guides from Uncommon Goods here. Thank you friends for your continuous support of this space! 

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