ben turns 39

December 23, 2013

papi 39th bdaypapi 39th bdaypapi 39th bdaypapi 39th bdaypapi 39th bdaypapi 39th bdaypapi 39th bdayBen turned 39 and we had a simple celebration. He got served the traditional birthday breakfast in bed, but his breakfast request was his normal everyday breakfast… 1 cup of oatmeal, 23 almonds, 1 scoop of protein, 1 banana, and covered with milk. He’s very specific. It’s a boring meal in my opinion, but it’s what he wanted. This dietitian really lives what he teaches his patients. Of course, the girls made tons of handmade cards and presents, and even gifted things that were already ours (like a lint remover). Ben went off to work and I cooked up another birthday request for dinner, this time it was much fancier than his breakfast request. That night we all watched a movie and sang the birthday song with pie. I used the oatmeal pecan recipe, but this time added more oatmeal and just used 1/2 cup of granulated sugar. It was a low key day with Ben going off to work, but I think next year we are going to make sure he takes the day off so we can do a whole day of celebrating because that guy of ours deserves it.

By the way, the girls kept asking why I put 39 on his card because according them, he’s 23 and I’m older than him. Oh that Ben is telling those girls lies!

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