love day happenings of 2014

February 24, 2014

love day 2014love day 2014love day 2014love day 2014love day 2014
love day 2014love day 2014love day 2014love day 2014love day 2014love day 2014love day 2014love day 2014love day 2014love day 2014love day 2014

First thing in the morning, Ben individually asked each of his girls to be his Valentine with a card and a gerbera daisy. The first three each said, “Yes!” and took their flower and gave him a hug. Things went south when he asked the baby, “Glow, will you be my Valentine?” while holding out the flower and card. Immediately, she said, “NO!” and pushed the flower and card away. He asked her one more time and she gave him the same refusal. Ben and I were just laughing at the spunk of that little girl. Oh well! Ben even asked me to be his Valentine with some flowers from the garden (those are my favorite kind) and of course I definitely said yes! Four out of five ladies isn’t bad I guess.

Since the girls had the day off for the President’s Day holiday weekend, they spent the whole day making gifts for each other. It was the sweetest thing! They had already been working on it during the week, but the still managed to spend another whole day making more things. These girls are extremely thoughtful towards each other and us. I spent the day baking some treats for them and trying a new recipe to make for dinner that evening.

Ben came home and we had our room ready for our celebration. True and Brave hung up the gold glitter garland I got from Minted, along with their heart chain garland, I had our cinnamon roll cake on this pretty cake plateΒ ready it was calling out all our names (Glow kept dipping her finger in the frosting)… it looked so yummy. Presents were strewn all over the bed and everyone was buzzing with exciting because we just like celebrating!

We all sat down on the floor of our room as the girls ate dinner and we all opened presents as they ate and talked about everything they made. They made so many cute and creative gifts for each other, and it kept on going and going and going. They had boxes full of handmade goodies! After they passed out their presents, Ben and I gave them our presents for them, which were personalized journals (from here) and walkie talkies. Then we had them all hop into bed to light the heart sparkler on the cake (bought from Danni’s shop). Glow was petrified of it, but the other girls were loving it. We all indulged in some deliciously gooey cinnamon rolls, gave more hugs and kisses, and then it was off to bed for the kiddos because Ben and I needed our own special time to celebrate each other.

It was definitely a good day of celebrating our littlest loves and our love for each other! I’m thankful for the sweet hearts of my girls and Ben. I’ll share what Ben and I gifted each other in another post tomorrow.

9 comments on “love day happenings of 2014”

  • Emily Baker says:

    oh man that cinnamon roll cake looks divine!!!

  • Briseidy says:

    adorable! so much love

  • nikki says:

    that cake looks amazing!! and what little cuties πŸ™‚


  • kathy says:

    hey rubyellen …

    there is so much here (in this post and throughout your blog) that i can enjoy and encourage – your public demonstration of faith in God, your colorful and creative home, your cheerful outlook …. i hope that continues!

    i have to say, though, using a sparkler indoors, especially around so much fabric in which were your little cuties all snuggled, really bothers me. i am not here to judge anyone and thought about sending you a private e-mail because i don’t want to shame someone, either …. but decided to add this comment here in case someone else – or their kids decides to follow what looks like a fun example of a celebration and might not be as watchful and careful around a otential fire/burn hazard, you know? this comes from someone who used to care for a young girl severely burned by a fire and also had a friend lose literally everything but the clothes on his back due to a fire. i don’t want that to happen to anyone (and am sure you and everyone else feel the same way) and hope anyone who might read my comment here will be very cautious around fire, sparklers included.

    end lecture. πŸ™‚

    please carry on with all the sweet stuff – trusting God, spending time with family, decorating your beautiful home, sharing yummy-looking recipes … thanks.


    • rubyellen says:

      Thank you Kathy for the lecture! πŸ˜‰ But really, thank you for your genuine concern for me (and others) because while we were very watchful, you’re very right that it could potentially be a dangerous situation. I don’t have the background experiences you have, so I could understand how this could immediately raise an alarm for you and I’m thankful that you care enough to kindly say something. The sparkler didn’t last very long (less than a minute and the little sparks stayed pretty well contained on the tray), but you are more certainly right that any fire or sparkler could potentially do harm. I’m definitely going to be even more aware (and cautious) next time.

      And thank you also for the encouragement regarding the other things. I’m glad you enjoy this space and it means a lot that you felt comfortable enough to say something in a very loving manner. xoxo

      • kathy says:

        yes, those background experiences added to my reaction about anyone using a sparkler indoors, but even without them, i agree with your little glow on this!

        i appreciate your receiving that concern and what was not intended as a public shaming. i’ll be back. πŸ™‚


  • Maria says:

    wow, now that is the way to celebrate Valentine’s day. Really special!

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