diy: colorblocked air plant pot

February 10, 2014

colorblockpotair plant holderColor Blocked Air Plant Pot

2 1/2″ wooden doll heads (that’s what the wooden balls are labeled; they also have a flat bottom)
1″ drill bit
Painter’s tape
Craft paint
Air plants (mine bought from here)
air plant holderDirections:
1. Mark the top center of your wooden ball and proceed to drill your hole going about 3/4″ deep into the ball. I hand this to my husband to do.
2. Decide if you want to paint an even bottom section or want the color to go on diagonally, then tape off the top of the wooden ball to designate the area to be painted. Make sure the tape is securely on and proceed to painting on your color. I did one coat of paint on my pot and allowed it to dry completely before applying the second coat (I did two coats total). Allow to dry completely before removing the tape.
3. Place air plant inside the top and voila… you’ve got a cool air plant pot!

air plant holderair plant holderThis is definitely inspired by the cool air plant pots from Bird & Feather, so if you’re not a DIY-er, you could just pick one up from them. It’s just another fresh and modern way to display air plants. I shared about how I like to display them on rocks in this post. Air plants are so great because they really are so easy to maintain. I keep mine in a bright spot and gather them all in a bowl of water once a week to soak for about 10 minutes. Afterwards, I let them dry completely on a towel before putting them back in their designated spots. I’ve neglected a couple once before and they ended up drying out, but they look cool dried out too. Though, a dried out one probably won’t look that cool in this color blocked pot!

air plant holderair plant holderair plant holderair plant holderair plant holderair plant holderAfter I made these, another air plant display idea came to me, so once I can enlist Ben’s help for some drilling, I’ll share that one with you too! If you think you have a brown thumb, don’t be afraid to try air plants. They are good plants to start with and very inexpensive, so you won’t feel as bad if they dry out on you.

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