June 5, 2018

Well, the baby has lost her first tooth. She’s been anxiously anticipating this day. She’s almost 7 and has been a little jealous that her big sisters were losing teeth and she wasn’t. Then it happened… a few weeks ago, I picked her up for school and she excitedly said, “Guess what, mommy?! I have a loose tooth!” While she was jazzed, my heart sunk a bit because this was it, my last baby and she’s on her way to not being a baby anymore. And then it hit again yesterday, when her tooth came off during lunch.

She didn’t want to say she was excited because she knew I was a teensy bit sad, but she was so happy about it. I was happy for her too, but my heart already misses them being little. I know they’re cray and I’m a cray mom, and mothering is hard for me, but I do cherish these kid years. Cray and all, I know I’m going to wish I could rewind this time.

With tooth in hand, she didn’t waste any time and she immediately put it under her pillow. On the other hand, my Soul, hasn’t put any of her teeth under the pillow because she says, “I’m saving it so I can get a lot of money.” Thankfully, Ben remembered at night and did that switch-a-roo. I’m really bad at remembering to do that. There have been times when the older girls woke up and still had their tooth under the pillow.

So here we are… the baby has lost her first tooth, and for her, it’s onward and upward. Their milestones are my milestones, and while she enthusiastically sees this as a sign of growing up, it’s a bittersweet moment for me because my babies are really growing up. There’s nothing I can do to stop time; it just keeps going.


  • Layne says:

    My 6 year old son lost that same tooth today! Oh my heart! I am sad he is no longer a baby but so excited for his future! Unfortunately the tooth is coming in crooked. At least I can start saving for braces now.

  • Thanks for the post.

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