June 6, 2018

School is almost out and I can’t wait to do a deep purge and some redecorating. I love big, old mirrors, especially ones that show the age on the glass. I’m not in the need of any mirrors, but it’s hard to turn down a good one when I find one. There was one I had found a couple months ago, that I slightly regret not buying, but Ben didn’t like it and we didn’t need one (though I’m sure I could have found a place for it). All these mirrors pictured above are so lovely and are getting me excited to a summer refresh on our spaces.

from top to bottom: elemente architecten, image unknown (do share if you know who to credit), coco and kelley, sfgirlbybay, fusion d,

4 comments on “PRETTY MIRRORS”

  • Leo Sigh says:

    Absolutely love that one at the bottom, although they are all really pretty.

    I moved into a new flat here in Vienna, Austria last year and have never gotten around to buying a mirror. So that means, every time I need to see how I look, I have to stand on the bath tub rim to be able to see in the bathroom mirror. Crazy. 🙂

    May just look for something similar to the bottom one. It would fit perfectly in my bedroom.

  • Yes, mirror are pretty.

  • iralee barnett says:

    I love old ones too! we’re building a house and I’ve been collecting them. one for each bathroom and now working on bedrooms. they are just so mysterious and lovely!!!

  • Lauma says:

    These colors is awesome. Very cool!

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