swapdom… a whole new way to shop!

February 3, 2014

swapdomHave you heard of Swapdom? It’s a cool new way to shop! Instead of busting out your wallet, it’s all about trading what you have (and want to move on to another home) for something someone else has (and they want to move on to another home). It’s a really great concept and I have already uploaded some of my swappable items here. Also, I’ve already submitted my first swap offer, so I can’t wait to see how that goes and fingers crossed a good match comes up and I get what I’ve been eyeing. I had been looking for this particular item and got really excited when I saw that someone had the specific item up for a swap (in my size!).

We’ve really been working at purging and with the girls having tons of things, this is a perfect way to move some of their stuff on. Swapdom just started a baby & kids section, so most of the things I’ve uploaded are for that. If you’ve got some things to move on to another home (and want to get some things in return), I think Swapdom is a great option for you. You just pay shipping plus a $1-$2 fee. Here’s a little chart that explains a little bit more of how Swapdom works…

swapdomAnd to celebrate the launch of their Baby & Kids section, Swapdom is hosting a contest where you can win a Phil & Ted Stroller! We have the Phil & Ted Double Stroller, so I can attest to it’s fantastic quality, so I think this contest of theirs is pretty great. If you want in, you can get more details about the contest here; there isn’t really much you have to do to enter, but like their Facebook page and register on Swapdom.

You can view my profile here and maybe some of you have some good stuff to upload and we can start swapping!

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