family meals: week 62

February 16, 2014

korean pork roast wrapBossam.¬†First made here. I made it again because it’s yummy, but I documented it along with my own tweaks, so I can share the recipe with you. I’m totally enjoying experimenting in the kitchen these days! Ben and I are want to try this with chicken breast and see how that comes out too.

Week of 2/17 – 2/21
Monday: Spring Minestrone with Turkey Meatballs
Tuesday: Seafood Soup
Wednesday: Leftovers
Thursday: White Bean Chili
Friday: Sushi/pizza night

Our family weekly grocery budget is $200. These girls are teeny tiny, but they eat insane amounts of food! Since putting out an official budget on paper, it’s been so helpful and it’s kind of like a game every week. We also get better at not wasting any food and making sure we clean out the refrigerator. I remember when Ben and I first got married our weekly groceries was between $25 – $50! My how things have changed…

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