April 12, 2014

craft messesThis is my craft making space. This room always looks like this and much of the house has looked like this all week too. Oye! Thankfully, Friday afternoons are for getting most of the house back in order, except this room. It still looks like this.

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

Two girls have been sick this week. Thankfully, True was better mid-week and Glow’s fever is just finally tapering off.

This DIY dress would be fun to make, and I also want to make this dress because of the pockets!

A strawberry banana milk shake cake?! Yes, please!

I’m have more to share about my big announcement this week.

I would love this vintage sundress for one of my big girls.

Finally got around to responding some blog comments in this week’s posts. Also, some of you overseas asked if you will be able to purchase my book, and the answer is YES!

I watched The Summit and Blindsight documentaries on Netflix this week. The spirit of adventure is strong in both films, while The Summit was gripping because the whole trip was so perilous, Blindsight was just inspiring and moving. What are some of your favorite documentaries on Netflix? I like adventures, mysteries, and historical ones. And you’ve probably already heard some of the reviews on the American Blogger trailer. What are your thoughts on it? Does it appeal to you or do you think you’ll pass? I definitely see where the negative backlash is coming from, but I also know some of the women in it, and I think they have good intentions and real talent. I do think that the title of it is a bit misleading and probably should have been called something else, but what’s done is done and everyone has just got to grit their teeth and go with it. Speak your piece if you disagree and you’re allowed to disagree, but remember to still be kind, and if you love it, well, you love it, and still be kind to those who disagree.

I’m so excited because I have to renew my passport! I showed my girls my passport picture and said, “Who’s this?” They said, “I don’t know.” I said, “Look closely.” and still they said, “I don’t know.” HA! When I told them it was me, they could hardly believe it. It was from when I was 18, short blond-streaked hair, and it was not a flattering picture.

Thankful for finally satisfying my craving for an In-n-Out burger on Thursday night. I even went all out and got cajun fries from Five Guys to go with it. That’s what I call a wild night! I thought about instagramming the moment, but it was a moment I just wanted to savor and not share. #burgerbliss

I didn’t feel like blogging yesterday, so I didn’t. Sometimes it’s nice to just step back. At times, it can feel competitive and like you always have to put something out there, but it also feels nice to stay silent for a day. Something our pastor said in a recent sermon stuck out to me… “Everyone is trying to sell some sort of good life.” And it’s so true, I totally see it in the blogs I read, and I even do it! If you make this, you’re living the good life. If you buy this, you’re living the good life. If you do this, you’re living the good life. If you eat this, you’re living the good life. Movies, books, commercials, songs, stores, blogs, everything is trying to appeal to you and your idea of a “good life.” It’s a reminder to always have a discerning eye and don’t get fooled. For me, it’s a reminder that ultimately it’s only Christ, and even living for Christ, means I won’t please everyone. There’s nothing wrong with loving those things (shopping, food, books, movies, etc.), those things are meant to be enjoyed, but when we make our life about things, then we’ve got it all wrong. This is just another rumination of my heart again.

Happy Saturday! My sister has a big fundraiser event tonight and I can’t wait. There will be so many different performances from her and all her friends, so it will be fun evening for sure.


14 comments on “huzzah!”

  • Danica says:

    How does a messy craft room look so beautiful?
    And yes I am excited about the American blogger documentary! Looks really intriguing and I know I can’t wait to be inspired by some big time bloggers and hear more of their stories. In fact one of the bloggers in that film designed my blog…so excited! Hope you have a great weekend!

  • Merci says:

    Your thoughts on the American Blogger documentary pretty much summed up my thoughts on it as well! I have noticed that I still get influenced by all the ” perfect ” pics that get posted by my fave bloggers. I have to consciously remind myself that its not real life ha! So I am glad that you share your messy days with your readers, too. Appreciate it! I am excited for your sister’s adventure. God bless her journey and will be praying for her as well.

    OH, and I love a blogger that takes time to respond to comments! You are one busy momma – so that’s so great!
    P.S. My husband and I loved watching the Linsanity Documentary (NBA player Jeremy Lin’s faith and journey to the top) on Netlflix 🙂

    • Rubyellen says:

      Started Linsanity! Good so far!

      I try to get to comments, sometimes I’m good at it and sometimes I suck. I value you guys and I want you to know it means a lot that you take the time to comment, and I always try to get to them, but with these 4 girls, time is always tight.

  • Emmi says:

    I have been going through your blog and just wanted to say that I really like it 🙂

  • Sally says:

    I love your craft room! Thank you for sharing the beautiful mess, so real. I just adore you! x

  • Siniannika says:

    Oy, that cake looks absolutely delicious! And those dresses are so cute. I should start sewing as I have a machine and all, but its been so long that I’m bit nervous about it. Would you like to make a easy tutorial for very simple cute dress? 🙂

    True words, everybody are trying to sell a good life. I made that mistake too with my old blog and wasn’t really true to myself so I stopped it and prefer to have another kind of approach now to life in general.

    • Rubyellen says:

      Yup, our idea of the “good life” naturally comes out in every blog, even mine.

  • Emily Baker says:

    i think i agree with you – totally see the backlash on the title, etc. It’s unfortunate that he had to title is “American Blogger” – it really is misleading because you expect to see all types of bloggers in America like sports bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, film bloggers. it just made me really disappointed in the title and how they feel like they were fairly representing the blogging world, which is just so far from the truth.

    • Rubyellen says:

      I don’t think he intentionally mislead people. I could see what he was thinking, but it might not have been the best fit. But they talk about wanting to make more than just this documentary, so maybe through this site they will really reach out to develop the idea of the “American blogger.”

  • Andrea says:

    I don’t understand how there can be such backlash on a trailer. It’s unfair to be so critical until the full documentary is seen. Nor do I think the filmmaker promises to represent all American bloggers. “American” is in the title. Nowhere is a promise made to represent all American bloggers. Finally, the criticism about not showing ‘real” life. Bloggers are constantly emphasizing the caveat “yes, I choose to show the pretty and beauty in my world but there is lots of lots of real mess and fights and ugly, etc. etc. Why does the filmmaker have to show the cat litter and divorce papers? Why can’t he choose to reveal the beauty? I am not interested in watching the film, but golly, bloggers and us readers are so ready to pounce like tigers when we see something we potentially might not agree with. The film isn’t released and already it’s been trampled—maybe to its death.

    • Rubyellen says:

      I agree since my thoughts just stem from seeing the trailer, and while I have friends in it, I don’t think it is a knock against them at all. I’m sure everyone involved spoke from their hearts and there is a great community of people who really have developed friendships through the internets and that’s pretty amazing. I do agree some people have been down right nasty about it, and that’s not necessary, but anything anyone puts out there will always be judged whether we like it or not. Like with my book, I know some people will love it and some people won’t. I’m nervous about that, but that’s part of it when you put yourself out there.

      To be honest, I was emailed, shared the idea of the film, and asked if I wanted to participate in the film. I never responded to it and didn’t feel the need to participate, because to me (and based on what it seemed they wanted to share), I just do everything mothers around the world do and felt kind of funny putting that on film… I wake up, care for my kids, indulge in creative outlets, take care of my home, my husband, and go to sleep, then repeat, but I just happen to blog about it. LOL. To me, to put that on film, seemed kind of boring.I’m curious, why aren’t you interested in watching the film?

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