birthday breakfast in bed tradition continues

May 6, 2014

true turns 8true turns 8true turns 8true turns 8true turns 8true turns 8true turns 8true turns 8true turns 8true turns 8If you’ve been following here for awhile, you know how important our tradition of birthday breakfasts in bed are, so even though we weren’t home for True’s birthday, we still made it happen. Naturally, the breakfast items aren’t quite pancakes and waffles like normal (and no way would we do room service because it’s typically way overpriced for basic menu items), and when we travel (even for a weekend) we have a cooler of food ready. Thus, her breakfast in bed was yogurt, O’s, and strawberries. We even made sure to have the little fruit characters made for her too! Now it’s harder to come in and surprise her since we are all in a room together, but I’m glad all the girls still find the whole tradition very exciting.

After everyone had their breakfast, we had True open the gifts from her sisters (and one from Auntie Linda and Uncle John). Oh my oh my, Soul and Brave made a bazillion presents and cards to give to her. I only shared with you a small sampling, but they were just busting out with all this thoughtfulness and creativity for their big sister. It made this DIY loving mama proud. By the way, that colorful handwritten birthday note (last photo) was made by True, so that we would have the words to the birthday song to sing for her. Seriously, these girls are so great!

Do you have any birthday traditions you do at your home?


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  • Danica says:

    How sweet are all her sisters to make so many pictures for her! Breakfast in bed was something my parents did for me on birthdays, very fun and special memories! My husband and I haven’t started up the tradition yet but probably when we have kids I’ll start it back up again.

    Love your strawberry Cheerios eyes, you are the best mom!


    • Rubyellen says:

      My parents did this with my siblings and me growing up, so it’s fun to pass the tradition on with my own family. Ben and I did it for each other the one year we didn’t have children too. Ben did the strawberry characters, so I can’t take credit for that one.

  • nikki says:

    what a great birthday tradition! they are all such sweet sisters


  • skyler says:

    love how much your girls love each other! ever since i can remember, my mom would get donuts really early in the morning and i would wake up to a donut cake and my family singing happy birthday. when i got married, i was sad that the tradition would end. but then, my awesome husband continued the tradition on! we will definitely be continuing it with our family.


    • Rubyellen says:

      That’s sweet! I love the idea of a donut cake. Ben and I continued the tradition before our kids came too.

  • Aby R. says:

    Such sweetness! In our house I decorate the birthday kid’s room in the night – balloons, streamers, some dollar bills – for them to wake up to. We do a family activity of the kid’s choice (Chuck E Cheese, bouncy place, swimming, etc.). The b-day kid gets to choose their favorite dinner and dessert (or we go out to eat if that’s their activity choice). When usually try to open presents after candles have been blown out, but sometimes do it before if the timing works for it. One of the kids very favorite traditions is a red plate that says “You are special today”. We only use it on birthdays and they really love it. They also love how after we sing “Happy Birthday” we also sing “For he’s/she’s a jolly good fellow”. It’s so great how those tiny things make the biggest memories.

    aby r.

    PS – my 10 year old loves Family Fun magazine. One of her favorite issues was the one with your girls on the cover. She fell instantly in love with them.

    • Rubyellen says:

      I like that special plate tradition. That’s such a good idea, I’d love to make one!

      Your daughter is so sweet, I’m glad she liked the article!

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