collecting water in our rainwater tanks

February 9, 2017

Hello, it’s Ben here to share about our rainwater tanks. We’ve not only started to harvest fruit, but water as well. My inspiration came from some of the speakers at the CRFG’s Festival of Fruit in 2015 (the theme was “The Year of the Drought-Tolerant Fruits”). After doing further research, I decided to move forward with rainwater tanks. So, what went into the decision?

– Conserve water
– Save money:
– Receive a rebate for purchasing a rainwater tank
– Lower our water bill (perhaps prevent us from increasing to a more costly tier)
– Rain water is high quality water for plants because it doesn’t contain minerals that can harm root growth.
– Rain gutters are needed to help channel the rain water from the roof and we already have them
– Easy enough to “hide” in your landscape because of color options and the “slim” options

– You won’t get a return on your investment. Learning this really helped me to temper my expectations regarding savings.
– You go through the water much more rapidly than you might think. One speaker’s estimate was an average of 25 gallons per week per tree. A 100 gallon tank would only last a month for one tree! What a rude awakening for my daydreams of kissing our water bill goodbye.
– Additional investment, and assembly, of a first flush diverter is required. The water from the gutters needs to be filtered as the first flush of water from the roof can contain bacteria from decomposed insects and droppings from birds and other animals.
– While I felt our local rebate for a single, larger tank was indeed generous, the rebates don’t allow for those interested in multiple tanks.
– It’s not potable water, so if there was a natural disaster, purification steps would be needed prior to drinking.

Thankfully, with the uncharacteristic amount of rain we’ve been receiving, all 3 of our tanks filled up quickly. While the rain was welcomed, I look forward to “test driving” the tanks and seeing how much mileage I will get out of them.

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  • Lisa says:

    I love Ben’s posts. Very interesting. I think that may be an Australian water tank.

  • I love this!! We are minimalists and tend to use from hat we have or find was to save money and not own a load of things unnecessary, and this is really neat. We rent though, so I doubt my landlord would be open to this. This is awesome though. Have fun doing your “test driving” that you plan to do!

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