February 11, 2017

This week’s learned, links, and thankfulness…

We’ve got pummelos the size of your face growing in our garden.

The week started off bad, and we were all out of sorts on Monday, but praise God for new mercies and abounding grace that came every morning. The girls and I are constantly learning from all the little (and big) bumps in this mother-daughter relationship, and what it always comes down to is how we all need Jesus. It’s a cycle of repent, forgive, and believe.

I don’t own a pair, but I love no. 6 clogs. Mom, I like these or these! 😉

I’ve been craving shabu shabu (from here), ramen, korean bbq, or a burger. I get burger (and korean bbq) cravings often because we don’t eat red meat at home.

Everlane’s wide leg cropped pants come out on Valentine’s Day and I can’t wait to see what colors they come out with. I may have to pick up a pair.

Anyone know where you can find this basket?

These leather mules are cool (and made in the USA).

Totally feeling the vibes in this home. I think it’s the unique, vintage chairs, and the subtle pink throughout. Of course, all the glorious house plants too.

I did a good job cutting down my checking of news outlets this week. I cut it down to once a day, and sometimes it’s no times a day. I think next week’s habit change will be to open my Bible (on my phone) first thing, rather than check ig on my phone.

This article has me seeing that I need to pray for the Lord to make me more bold.

Oh man… Seven Costs of Disciple Making is another loving heart slap.

I love this space to share crafts and frivolous things like shoes, but I know life is more than that, and it’s matters of the heart (and soul) that matters most. I’m thankful to all of you who tune in here to check out all the random things that make up me, from sharing ice cream recipes to heart rants. I pray that this space you are encouraged to love God more in and through all.


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