February 13, 2017

The Golden Years Market in Downtown Santa Ana happened this past Saturday, and I went with my two biggest girls in tow. It’s a vintage clothing/record market that happens a couple times a year, and this was my first time going. It was a last minute decision to go, since Ben was sick, I decided it would be fun to get out of the house for a little bit. Plus, while I can’t do malls (oh how my high school/college self would have never believed it), I can definitely do vintage market shopping. I will take a vintage market and thrift store over a mall any day. The market hosted some of my favorite online vintage shops, so I really couldn’t wait to see some of their goods in person.

The girls and I walked through the whole market, making mental notes of what we loved. There were a few hats, shoes (sadly not my size, but good for my wallet), scarves, and a vintage kid jumpsuit we loved, but what I did come home with was some vintage bell bottom overalls from Fair Season. She had a couple other pairs of jeans I was eyeing, but I stuck to the overalls, since those are really hard to find in my size. I was really excited to meet Toni too, since I have been following her shop and Instagram forever. She’s one cool gal with such good, laid back vintage style. The girls brought their own money, and while they found things they liked, they didn’t want to spend. On the way home, I said, “We didn’t get you guys anything.” They replied, “Yeah you did. The overalls will be ours one day.” Yep, that is true, so I guess I did get them something.

The girls have outgrown a lot of their clothes, so we’ve been thrift hunting and altering some of my old clothes to fit them. I can see their individual styles developing, and even though they share clothes, they style things differently. I’ve been teaching them to read labels and identify fabrics, so it’s really special for me to be able to pass down this love for vintage. At the market, I’d pull out an item and say, “Would I wear this?” And they know if I would or wouldn’t, so I listen to them. It helps eliminate unnecessary purchases because they know what I would wear every day and what I like with my eyes, but wouldn’t really wear.

While there, I also got to meet thrift/vintage guru Beth from BJonesStyle. She’s just as fun and bubbly in real life as she comes across on video. The girls and I thought this gal was coolest dressed at the market, and True and Brave especially loved going inside Blossom Vintage’s trailer. I’ve followed Taylor’s depop shop, who we happened to meet at Anthro a few weeks back, and the girls recognized her at the market. It was fun going through her stall of stuff and we’re still thinking about one thing of hers we passed on at the market.  The girls and I ooh-ed and ahh-ed at all the one of a kind things, and all the people dressed to the nines in their vintage clothes. Even if you don’t buy anything, the market is an energizing place to be, so don’t miss out the next time one comes around!

on me: vintage top, bottom, and jacket (similar denim blazer here, and skirt, and bandana). shoes, rachel comey. birkin basket, space rocket store. on true: vintage denim jacket, similar here. vintage tee and skirt. pair of thieves socks, target. shoes, new balance. vintage bag, ms. tips. on brave: denim dress, thrifted (similar here). flares, old navy. doc martens, zappos, mini birkin basket, space rocket store.



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  • I’m the same way about malls! I hate them. Actually I hate shopping in general, but I always love a good vintage store or flea market. Your girls look so much older in this post! It’s really cute that you get to share experiences like this with them.

    • Rubyellen says:

      So strange, right?! I used to love malls! I worked at a mall and met Ben at one. Now, I cannot stand them and dread when I have to go to one. Outdoor malls are as bad as enclosed ones, but still, I try to stay away.

  • This is the coolest store ever, from the looks of it.

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