March 30, 2018

Ben and I have been talking a lot in recent weeks about this season of our life. Out of diapers, no more nap schedules, and everyone (almost everyone) can wipe their own butts. It’s a great season, not better than those baby years, but just a different season. We’ve had the up and onward mentality and look forward to what comes next in these tween/teen years. I’ve started mentally making plans of going back to school to get my masters and joining the corporate workforce once Glow goes off to college, or envisioning what I’d love Wovenfolk to eventually become. I go back and forth between wanting to pursue something creative or joining the regular 9-5ers. I think I’d be happy with either, though Ben thinks I’d only be happy with a creative job. We’re also not in a rush for the next thing and trying our best to savor the here and now.

As much as we make plans, we don’t know exactly what the future holds either. All Ben and I can do with our plans is hold them with open hands. We’ve never felt that open hand faith as much as we do now in this season of life. Sometimes, when you think you have it all planned out, life (God) throws curve balls too. And though difficult at first, those curve balls end up making sense later (and we’re all the better because of them). When I look at Ben, I still see that young couple that fell in love working at the GAP, and I can’t believe how far we’ve come. We aren’t those same people, we’ve grown so much and it’s overflowed into 4 little ones. At 20 and 27, we were so blindly in love. After 16 years together, there’s a lot we’ve weathered and seen, and we still have yet to weather and see. At 36 and 43, we’re seasoned, but still new, and our love is far from blind. We’ve seen the ugly sins of both our hearts, but we both still choose to do this together. Together is how we will continue as we commit to God any plans we have, but still stay open to plot twists God may give.

These pictures of from my brother’s wedding day this past Sunday. I love seeing this picture of the girls and imagining one day they’ll be dressed up to support each other in their own weddings. They’re such (sometimes stubborn) sweethearts and I love them so much.

what i’m wearing: dress & shoes, vintage. on true and brave: eyelet dress, target. similar shoes, target. soul and glow: eyelet dress, old navy. shoes, old navy. I added a satin ribbon on each dress to dress it up a little.¬†

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