diy: rosy posy flower felt clip

May 29, 2014

rosy posy felt flower

Rosy Posy Flower Felt Clip

Rosy Posy Flower Template
Various scraps of felt (acrylic or wool)
Embroidery needle
Coordinating embroidery floss
Snap clips (I used 1″ ones, can find some here)

1. Using the template, cut out all your flower pieces. It’s also easy to just go for it and cut without the template.
rosy posy felt flower
2. Layer all but one of the large flower pieces on top of each other (from largest to smallest), and with your needle and embroidery floss, hand sew on X on the center to join all the pieces together. Pull the thread taut and knot on the back of the flower, so that the felt will bunch up to give it the “flowery” effect. rosy posy felt flowerrosy posy felt flower
3. Fold the leaves together, place the bottom half of one leaf sandwiched into the other, proceed to use a running stitch to stitch around the perimeter of both leaves. rosy posy felt flower
4. Center your clip on the remaining flower felt piece (this the back piece of the flower), cut a tiny slit to put your snap clip through. Insert tongue of snap clip and snap clip close. Place bottom portion of the leaves on top, layer on flower, and then with a running stitch around the perimeter of the flower, join together the back felt piece and the main flower together. rosy posy felt flowerrosy posy felt flowerYou could also use different types of clips with the flowers; French barrettes can easily be glued onto the back. The template attached is for a larger sized flower, but you can most certainly enlarge or shrink to make larger or smaller flowers. If you have a baby with not very much hair, instead of a clip, sandwich elastic where the snap clip would be.

rosy posy felt flowerrosy posy felt flowerflower girlrosy posy felt flowerrosy posy felt flowerfelt flowerWho’s been around since my etsy shop days and I used to sell these clips? See this listing so long ago with a baby True. I finally have a pattern for you and instructions, so now you can make your own.  I loved making and selling these flower clips (and my crowns and dolls), but once baby Soul and Glow got added into the family, there was no time to sew for shop purposes. My felt flowers and other felt creations, along with  sewing is what started this blog, and it’s been a completely fun and unexpected journey ever since.

I hope you have fun making these flowers. If you want to see other floral things I have been making lately, follow me on instagram (@cakiesblog) or just check #cakiesflowers. I’m also excited to be going to Singapore to share my love for felt floral making!

on true: shirt, molo kids (a few season ago). polkadot overalls (so cute!), target.

15 comments on “diy: rosy posy flower felt clip”

  • nikita says:

    These are so cute~ I’ve been making some flower crown so I think I’ll try making a couple with some these diy flowers as well. Thanks for this.

  • Jordan says:

    This is such an easy DIY! I’ll have to try it out soon!
    Your babes are so darling!

  • JC says:

    She looks like a young Frida Kahlo with those flowers around her head. Darling.

    • Rubyellen says:

      You are totally right. It’s a good way to make the flowers for a costume.

  • Elaine says:

    I purchased these clips from you years ago for my now 6 year old! Looking forward to making them with my two girls now 🙂

  • i wish i had your sewing talents, if i had a little girl of my own i woulf seriously buy a trillion of these. ugh, i’m swooning…these are seriously gorgeous!


  • anoushka says:

    these are gorgeous! i have loads of felt left over from a project i did last summer so these flower clips are defo gonna happen over here!!

  • nikki says:

    that photo of true laying down is absolutely stunning!!


  • Frederique says:

    I absolutely remember your etsy shop!!!!!! I bought a few of those for my girl and some friends too! I am SO excited to make some myself, I have a feeling it will be one of my favorite summer projects. THANKS!!!!!!!

  • Anne says:

    True looks so much like you in that pic! Maybe I’ll attempt to make this in headband form since my daughter has no hair. But I suck at crafty so most likely I’ll resort to ordering more hair baubles on etsy. 🙂

  • jah says:

    do you use regular felt you can buy at craft stores like michaels? or is this a thicker kind?


    • Rubyellen says:

      I use acrylic felt (like at the craft store), wool felt, and merino felt. I’ve also used roving wool felt on occasion.

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