goodbye tomato season

October 1, 2014

tomato garden 2014tomato garden 2014tomato garden 2014tomato garden 2014Ben already ripped out the tomato plants that occupied the other two beds, so this row is the only one left standing. There are still some tomatoes on it, so this gets to stay in the ground a little while longer. I totally forgot to show you how our tomatoes did this summer, but they did so-so. We are getting to know how to tend to them on this side of the yard, so in the beginning they were getting too much water. Of course, spider-mites came in to live among them, and then busy life happened, thus some plants were cared for more than others. We did get to enjoy tomatoes, but our harvest wasn’t as plentiful as previous years.

There is this one last row left, but soon it will gone just like the others to make room for a winter garden. I’m not sure what Ben has planned, but I will be sure to share once it all gets underway.


5 comments on “goodbye tomato season”

  • Anne says:

    Our tomatoes did not do great this year either except for the cherries. This was only my second year of really doing it, and we had a lot of blossom end rot which was really disappointing, but I have since learned to correct. I’m learning new things every year, so hopefully next year will be better.
    Are you guys putting in a winter garden?

  • kirsten says:

    I’m always on the hunt for the very best way to trellis tomatoes — I’d seen something similar to y’all’s setup, with rebar and cattle panels, but I’m curious — how did you attach the plant to the trellis? Did you use twine to tie bigger branches on here and there or just kind of weave the branches through the cattle panel? Whatever you did, it looks great!

    • Rubyellen says:

      We don’t use twine and just weave the plant through the panel. We find it’s easier that way and takes less time. We used to do a trellis system where we had to constantly use twine to wrap around, but it took so much time.

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